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SharePoint Developer Tips

SharePoint Developer tutorials by kalmstrom.com developers

SharePoint logoWhen developing for SharePoint, the kalmstrom.com developers often have to find their own solutions to various problems that occur.

Some of the issues don't only concern development of the kalmstrom.com products but are more general, and sharing the solutions of them will benefit for other SharePoint developers as well. Therefore we will expand the kalmstrom.com Tips section with a series of articles that are primarily intended for other developers.

So far three articles have been published:

JavaScript Issues With SharePoint 2013 Minimal Download Strategy

In this first tutorial kalmstrom.com Lead Developer Jayant Rimza shows various solutions to a JavaScript problem in SharePoint 2013. This problem comes because of the new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013: Minimal Download Strategy (MDS).

MDS reduces data download on each page, by only downloading the differences between the current page and the requested page when users browse an MDS-enabled site.

This is of course very good for SharePoint users, who gets shorter loading times. But the fact that only part of the whole page is loaded creates a problem for developers.  kalmstrom.com has the Solution!

JavaScript Loading In SharePoint

When you are coding SharePoint using JavaScript, you need to load JavaScript files, and SharePoint offers multiple ways to do that.

The major methods are to register the file on a page, to always load the file by using the SharePoint CustomAction in Module and to load the file on demand by using the Script on Demand function. kalmstrom.com explains when to use what!

Shared JavaScript and CSS in Visual Studio SharePoint Solutions

The kalmstrom.com developers use a lot of shared code, so it is important to handle it in the best way. This is how we add shared code to our Visual Studio SharePoint Solutions.

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