First Time Use of PowerShell

A PowerShell with SharePoint tutorial

PowerShell iconPowerShell scripts are created in the app PowerShell ISE, that is included in Windows. In the demo below, Peter Kalmström shows how to find PowerShell ISE and how to write a script that changes the default execution policy.

Peter starts with a short overview of how the PowerShell ISE app is used. After that he writes a line of script and runs it.

By default, you are not allowed to run scripts on a Windows computer, so before you can run any scripts you must allow that. As this is a PowerShell tutorial, Peter will of course do that with a script, and that is the first script you must run when you start using PowerShell.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Before you start using PowerShell with SharePoint, you should also install the SharePointPnPPowerShell module. This is a library of PowerShell commands that allows you to perform complex provisioning and artifact management actions towards SharePoint.

Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline 

In the demo below, Peter Kalmström shows one way of downloading and installing SharePointPnPPowerShell. He also explains how to connect the SharePointPnPPowerShell module to a SharePoint site and check the connection.

When SharePointPnPPowerShell has been installed on the computer, it is imported to PowerShell each time it should be used and connected to the SharePoint site you want to work with.
PowerShell with SharePoint from Scratch cover
Import-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline 
Connect-PnPOnline PATH

You will find more detailed explanations in
the book.

In the next article, we will see how you can avoid logging in to SharePoint each time you are running a PowerShell script.

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