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Reminder through Microsoft Flow

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365Sometimes you want to get a reminder when a contract has to be re-negotiated, an important event needs to be remembered or a subscription needs to be renewed. All such reminders can be automated through Microsoft Flow.

In this tutorial in the Office 365 from Scratch series, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how a flow can give reminders of events that are created in a SharePoint calendar.

Peter has created a calendar list, "Meetings", and in that calendar he has created four events which he will be using in the demo.

Reminder sent through Microsoft flow.

A `recurrence' trigger will be responsible for initiating and repeating the process of sending a reminder at a given time, but at first Peter uses another trigger that is easier to test: `SharePoint ' When a file is created'. Thus, the flow will first be triggered when a new file is created in a SharePoint library. The further steps of the flow will be the same as in the final reminder flow, and when Peter has tested the flow he will change the trigger.

As the calendar list still has the classic interface, Peter cannot start creating the flow from there. To reach the Flow command, he instead has to start from a list that has the new experience interface.

Steps to create a Reminder flow:

  1. Microsoft Flow At https://flow.microsoft.com/, click on 'Create from blank'.
  2. As we are going to use SharePoint, select the SharePoint action 'SharePoint ' When a file is created'.
  3. Select the SharePoint site URL in the field 'Site URL' and the SharePoint library under the field 'Folder Id'.
  4. Select 'New step' and then 'New action'.
  5. Select the SharePoint action 'SharePoint ' Get items', which will get all the items from the SharePoint calendar.
  6. Select the website URL in the field 'Site Url' and the calendar list in the field 'List name'. If you can't see your list in the dropdown items, enter the name of the list manually under 'Enter custom value'.
  7. Select 'New step' and then 'More' to select 'Add an apply to each' which will run at each item in the list.
  8. Insert the parameter 'value'.
  9. To discern the items that have the appropriate date, click on 'Add a condition'.
  10. Click at 'Edit in advanced mode' and enter the condition '@equals(substring(item()?['EventDate'], 0, 10),utcnow('yyyy-MM-dd'))'. Here 'item()' refers to the current item of the list and '['EventDate']' is the column that should be checked. The condition will be true for 'Today's Date??????.
  11. To send an email when the condition is true, click on 'Add an action' under 'IF YES'.
  12. Select 'Office 365 - Send an email'.
  13. In the 'To' field, enter the user who will get a reminder email when the condition comes true. .
  14. For the email subject, type 'Meeting reminder' and append the title of the event.
  15. Insert the email body text. You can make it dynamic by using the available parameters of the flow.
  16. Rename 'Apply to each' to 'Send emails' to be more understandable.
  17. Rename 'Condition' to 'Check if item date event is today'.
  18. Rename the Flow to 'Send meeting reminders'.
  19. Click on 'Create flow'.
  20. Click on 'Done' to finalize the flow.
  21. Click on 'Manage' to manage flows created by you.
  22. To test the Flow, create a new file in the library specified in the flow trigger. Make sure that an email is sent to the person specified in the flow and that it contains the information specified in step 15 and 16..
  23. Edit the workflow to make it a reminder:
    • Remove the trigger 'SharePoint ' When a file is created'.
    • Add a 'recurrence' trigger.
    • Set the time when the flow should be run.
    • Click on 'Update flow' and then 'Done'..

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