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Introduction to Power BI

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365 logoPower BI is a fairly new business analytics service that Microsoft added to Office 365 in 2015. With Power BI users can visualize data in a way that reminds of the Excel pivot table but is much more user friendly and intuitive.

In a series of tutorials Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer at kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, will show how to use Power BI. This is the first article, and in the demo below Peter explains how to get started.

Power BI is not visible among your apps until you connect it to Office 365, so the first thing Peter does is to open the Power BI site and select the online version. (There is also a desktop version, that is introduced in a later article.)

When Peter has signed in with his Office account and started Power BI, he shows how to:
  • Power BI iconImport a local file that contains the data that should be studied in PowerBI.

  • Show the dataset.

  • Drag data to the dashboard.

  • Select how to group data.

  • Add a slicer.

  • Show data in a pie chart.

Learn more about Plower BI at the Microsoft Power BI site

More Power BI articles will follow

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