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SharePoint Project Sites

SharePoint iconThe kalmstrom.com team has finished a custom SharePoint project that gave good experience and a very flattering testimonial. Many more organizations would benefit from this kind of solution for automated creation and configuration of site collections.

A company that delivers high performance woodworking machinery to house manufacturers all over the world runs large and long projects for their customers. They contacted me to have assistance with their project management system.

Before they started to use our solution,  they created a subsite for each project and configured it manually. This is of course a time-consuming method that is prone to errors, so they wanted our help to develop a solution that automates and improves the current system.

The goal was to automate the creation of SharePoint project sites that sites act as a collaborative platform for often long and work intensive projects.

After a workshop where we got to know the company's situation and heard their requests and suggestions, we offered a solution that worked as intended, but with a few enhancements.

For example, it is easier and more user-friendly to enter information in a SharePoint list than at a script prompt, so we suggested that a SharePoint list should be used instead of a script. Then a script could get the parameters from that list.

"The project became both a development project as well as an education in SharePoint and project management", said the satisfied customer.

Kanban TaskManager for SharePoint iconThe solution we offered, auto-creates a site collection for every new project entered in the SharePoint list. Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint is installed in a subsite to each site collection, so that the staff can manage the tasks connected to the project in an efficient manner.

The configuration of these site collections is of course also automatic and builds entirely on the customer's requests. When the solution came into place, they changed some of these requests to make the solution work better.

This is something we are used to in custom projects, because it is difficult for a customer to take everything into consideration from the beginning. That is a reason why we often work closely with someone from the customer organization, who can review and discuss part deliveries.

PowerShell iconChanging systems is never easy, but we included migration services in the offer: a manual/scripted migration of existing information from subsites to the new structure. For the customer this was a smooth operation, and they could quickly start working with the new system without any disturbances for their customers.

The site creation application we created is automatic, correct and easy to use, and we are all happy that the customer is satisfied with it.
Peter Kalmström
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