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The kalmstrom.com Founder

Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer, MCP, MCT

Peter Kalmstrom imageI begun customizing Microsoft Outlook for customers when it was still called MS Schedule, and when I begun developing my own products around the turn of the millennium they were add-ons built on the Schedule/Outlook platform.

I was a consultant at that time, and I created solutions that my customers needed but could not find on the market. After a while, I started selling standard solutions of these products as well.

Eventually I begun developing for SharePoint, and today, I focus almost entirely on standard products and custom solutions for SharePoint.

Outlook Skype
was a big success in 2004, and that lead to my employment as Product Manager for Skype Toolbars in 2005. My responsibility was to integrate Skype with other applications such as web browsers and productivity applications.

In 2010 I left Skype to concentrate more on my own company. After that, the business has grown considerably, and we now have a solid base of subscribers and a lot of plans for the future.

In the last ten years, our customers have become increasingly interested in SharePoint. I am happy about that, because I find this platform fascinating and full of possibilities. Today all our standard products build on SharePoint, just like most of our custom solutions and assistance.

I have written books on Microsoft/Office 365, SharePoint and Excel, and I have earned a total of 19 Microsoft Certifications.

Welcome to follow me on LinkedIn! We have stopped using other social media, but on LinkedIn we inform about all kalmstrom.com news.

Peter Kalmström,
CEO, Systems Designer and Founder
Kalmstrom Enterprises AB

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