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Create A SharePoint Workflow Button

A SharePoint tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint workflow buttonIn the Tip article Archive SharePoint Library Documents, Peter Kalmstrom demonstrated how to create a SharePoint workflow that executes automatically.

In the demonstration below Peter Kalmstrom, Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist and trainer, shows how to add a SharePoint button that executes a workflow. These steps work in the same way in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Create a workflow button:
SharePoint Designer icon
  • Open SharePoint Designer.
  • From the Workflows, select the workflow for which you want to create a button in the SharePoint ribbon.
  • If you want to use a workflow that has settings for automatic execution, like s.tart options and conditions, remove these settings.
  • Go to Edit workflow.
  • Press the Action button and select Set Field in Current Item. Now, under Stage 1, you will get the text “Set field to value”.
  • Click on field and set it to the column you want to be changed when the workflow is run. Here it is Document Status.
  • Set value to the value you want to use. Here it is Expired.
  • Now set your desired actions that you want to perform through this workflow.

    SharePoint workflow window

  • Make sure the checkbox Allow this workflow to be manually started is checked under Start Options.
  • Publish the workflow.
  • From Lists and Libraries, open the original list or library.
  • Click Custom Action under the List Settings tab, and select View Ribbon.
  • Enter a caption for the workflow button, a description and select the Initiate workflow radio button and the workflow you want to run when this workflow button is pressed.

    Create custom action window

  • Click OK.
Add an icon to the workflow button
  • Save a 16X16 or 32X32 icon to Site Assets inside Site Contents of the SharePoint site where you have placed the workflow button.
  • Open SharePoint Designer, Lists and Libraries, and open the SharePoint button you have created.
  • Enter the path to the button image in Site Assets in the Button Image URL field as per your icon size.
  • Click OK.

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