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Use an Outlook Rule to Forward Incoming E-mails
to a Specified Folder

An Outlook tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Outlook icon In Microsoft Outlook you can create rules for incoming E-mails. A rule performs an action automatically, based on the conditions you have specified. For example, an e-mail can be moved from the inbox to a specific folder according to the condition you have assigned to the rule.

Note that rules do not apply to e-mails that have been read. They only apply to unread e-mails.

To create rules for Outlook follow the steps below:
  1. Open Outlook and click on the Rules button under the HOME tab.

  2. Select Create Rule…

    Rules button in Outlook
  3. A Create Rule dialog will open. Here you can select conditions through checkboxes (Refer to the image below).
    • You can create a rule for a specific person. When he/she sends you an e-mail, it will automatically be moved to the specific folder that you will assign.

    • You can also specify a word (For example, Folder HelpDesk) in the subject. When an e-mail subject contains that word, the e-mail will automatically be moved to the folder that you will assign.

    Create Rule Dialog

  4. Click on Select Folder… A Rules and Alerts dialog will open. Under ‘Choose a folder’, select a folder or click on New…
    • When you click on the New… a ‘Create New Folder’ dialog will open. Write the name you want to give to the folder (for example, ‘FHDLiveMonitoring’ in the image below) and click OK.

    • Rules and Alerts dialog

    • Now a folder named FHDLiveMonitoring is created.

  5. Create Rules dialog after selecting folders

  6. Click OK. A Success dialog will open. To run this rule on messages already in the current folder check the checkbox.

  7. Now click on OK. The rule is created.

  8. Success dialog