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Embed Power BI in SharePoint

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365 logoWhen you want to show an Excel chart in SharePoint, there is an Excel Web Access web part that is especially created for such integration. Unfortunately Microsoft has not yet provided a Power BI web part, which would be the best solution when you want to show a Power BI report in SharePoint.

There are however other ways to integrate a Power BI report into SharePoint, and in the demo below Peter Kalmström shows one method for public data and one for restricted data.


If you want to try the exercise yourself, please download the Excel file Peter uses in the demo!

  • Power BI iconPower BI has a 'Publish to web' feature. It gives an embed code that you can copy and paste into a page in edit mode with the Embed Code button.

    This method works well when you want to show public data, but it is not secure. It gives a link that does not require login, so anyone who has the embed link can look at the report in Power BI.

  • For data that should be kept secure, I recommend to insert a screenshot of the report in SharePoint and link it to Power BI. If you copy the URL from the address field in the report, users will be asked to log in when they click on the linked screenshot.

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Learn more about Power BI at the Microsoft Power BI site

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