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Initiation Forms

SharePoint iconAn initiation form is a SharePoint page that opens each time a workflow is started manually. It can be used to give a simple version of a more complicated SharePoint form.

In the demo below Peter Kalmström, kalmstrom.com CEO and Systems Designer, shows how to create a workflow that opens a simple task form that feeds into new items in a SharePoint Tasks list.

With such a workflow, end users never have to see a detailed task form. Instead they can just click on a workflow link and fill out the simple form. Then support staff or other employees can take care of the new list item and fill out the rest.

These are the main steps in the workflow creation:
  1. SharePoint Designer iconCreate a SharePoint 2013 site workflow in SharePoint Designer.
  2. Create an initiation form and add the necessary fields to it.
  3. Set the workflow to create a new list item in the Tasks list and to fill out the form field values into the corresponding fields in the list item.

Peter shows how to copy the link to the workflow and insert it in a SharePoint page with a caption. You can of course also create a button link.

See also the kalmstrom.com Blog post about initiation form creation.

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