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Problem VIP status for Premium subscribers: what does that mean?

VIP status for Premium subscribers: what does that mean?

The kalmstrom.com SharePoint solutions are licensed with a subscription system, and there are three subscription plans. All include support and upgrades, but the Premium plan also includes many other benefits. One of the extra advantages is the so called VIP status.

Support priority
The most important part of the VIP status is perhaps the first priority of support cases. We of course try to help all subscribers as soon as possible, but if a Premium Subscriber gets a problem with their kalmstrom.com solution, the team postpones other tasks to assist the Premium Subscriber as soon as possible.

The support mailbox and the online chat are supervised nearly 24/7 even if the office is not officially open, so we can act very quickly if needed.

"In the event we had problems with TimeCard the people and helpdesk of Kalmstrom did a great job in solving the issue on a very short notice", says Jeroen Graafland at Hay Group, a long time Premium Subscriber. And he adds:: When we discover a bug this is solved on a very short notice and deployed very easily via the update function of TimeCard."

Influence on development
E-mail Converter iconAnother important factor for the Premium Subscribers is the chance to influence future development. Our CEO Peter makes the final decision, as he is the one who can best judge the paths kalmstrom.com should follow towards the future, but he does his very best to include the requests from Premium Subscribers in his plans.

No registration
FolderHelpDesk iconEach Premium Subscriber receives a special copy of the kalmstrom.com Solution including the Premium organization logotype on the major forms. We return this confidence by making the Premium copy register free, so VIP Subscribers do not have to hassle with registration keys.

Use more than one solution
Premium Subscribers may request such special copies of all kalmstrom.com organizational solutions. Therefore the Premium Subscription is an option also for smaller organizations who wish to use more than one kalmstrom.com Solution.

Worth the extra cost? TimeCard icon
The other plans give good value for money, so we don"t recommend the Premium plan for all. If you have two teams of ten people managing tasks in Kanban Task Manager and if you have no use for a second kalmstrom.com Solution, there is no need for a Premium Subscription.

But say that you are a big organization and have one hundred people reporting their time with TimeCard or booking resources with Calendar Browser " then we do recommend you to consider the Premium alternative. It is there, among big companies and state and municipal authorities, we find most of the kalmstrom.com Premium Subscribers.

Closed networks
For organizations with a closed networks, the Premium plan is the only option. Theother plans lrequire a connection to the kalmstrom.com server for registration control and Excel reports, but with the special Premium copy we can avoid that.

More info
Welcome to contact the Sales department if you have questions about the VIP status and Premium Subscription. We will do our best to help you judge if it is the right alternative for your organization!

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