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Svensk grammatik

Rules and Guidelines for Swedish Grammar and Word Formation

Tallstugan iconSvensk grammatik is intended for students who are learning Swedish as a second or foreign language. The app gives a possibility to always have rules and guidelines for Swedish grammar and word formation near at hand.

Svensk grammatik contains basic as well as advanced information, so it can be used as a reference in the study process during several years, always easy at hand. Rules for pronunciation are also included, and the example phrases are recorded so that you can listen to them.

Svensk grammatik is written in Swedish, so you need to have some basic knowledge of the language to understand the rules. But they are written with simple words, and a lot of examples show how the rules should be applied.

Svensk grammatik gives you:
  • 175 sections that describe the grammatical build of the Swedish language.
  • 15 sections that describe the word formation system of the Swedish language.
  • Information about pronunciation, especially quantity and accent, which is important for grammar and word formation.
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The author of Svensk grammatik, Kate Kalmström, has long experience from teaching Swedish as a second language to immigrants. She has a degree in native Swedish and Swedish as a second language and has written popular textbooks.

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