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Outlook Invitations

An Outlook tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Outlook iconWhen you use the Outlook calendar to plan your time, it is convenient to also use the Outlook calendar for arranging a meeting.

In the demo below Outlook expert Peter Kalmstrom shows how to send a meeting request from the Outlook calendar. He also explains how to accept an invitation and how to reschedule a meeting.

If you use the kalmstrom.com Outlook calendar add-ons TimeCard, for time reporting, and/or Calendar Browser, for resource booking, you can use the same features as described in the demo, and these add-ons even enhance the standard Outlook features.

If you have not already seen it, we recommend you to study the tip about Outlook appointments before you continue with this tutorial.

Outlook New Meeting buttonYou can send an Outlook invitation to anyone, within or outside your organization. Only if the recipient is using an old e-mail client the request might come as an ordinary email.

Most modern e-mail clients on computers, phones and tablets can handle a meeting request from Outlook, though, and in these cases the process shown in the demo will work even if you send the meeting request to a person who is not using Outlook.

However, one feature that is shown in the demo has special requirements, and that is the so called free-busy information. You may see in the Scheduling Assistant if the person you want to meet is available or not if:
  • Outlook New Meeting buttonYou are both connected to the same Exchange server farm
  • The other person have shared his/her calendar information with you
By default free-busy information is only shared two months into the future.


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