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Outlook Appointments – add information to the Outlook calendar

An Outlook tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Outlook iconThe Outlook calendar is Outlook's calendar and scheduling component. It is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other Outlook features. The calendar is where you plan your time, arrange meetings and more.

In the demo below Outlook expert Peter Kalmstrom shows 6 different ways to add an appointment to the Outlook calendar. He also explains how to change, copy and color code appointments.

These are the 6 methods shown in the demo below:
  • Select a time in the calendar, drag it down as much as needed and enter text.
  • New Appointments buttonDouble click in the calendar on the preferred time.
  • Use the New Appointment button.
  • Hit the keys CTRL + N to open a new appointment.
  • Use one of the methods above and make a recurring appointment. It will then be entered in the calendar at each occasion when it recurs.
  • Drag an e-mail to the calendar

In the demo you will also learn how to:
  • Change the time duration of an appointment without opening it.
  • Copy appointments.
  • Color code appointments after content.

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