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Problem Can I trust your products?

Can I trust your products?

I am proud to say that today I support organizations that have registered my applications all over the world. Among them are banks, insurance companies and also military organizations. For all of them, security is a major issue.

The big areas where my application takes security seriously are the following:

Minimum impact All my applications are designed to interfere as little as possible with your existing infrastructure.

All my downloadable applications are designed NOT to interfere with your Exchange Server client installation in any way.

None of my Outlook applications require anything to be installed on the Exchange Server.

Signed code All of my .exe:s and .dll files are signed and authenticated. If you want to see the certificate, right click the setup.exe and select Properties and then Information.

This certificate ensures that the code has not been modified since it left the kalmstrom.com download and upgrade sites.

No spyware My downloads are completely free of unwanted payloads such as spyware, adware etc.

I run my business to make a profit, but I also put my own name on my products, and there are quite a few things I will not do to make a buck.

Also refer to http://blog.kalmstrom.com/2012/09/software-wrapping-fierce-no-from.html

Additional code We use a tool called Redemption and Add-in Express, which is a framework for building stable Outlook add-ons that support both 32 and 64-bit on .NET.

All other code in my applications is either written directly by me or my collegues in the kalmstrom.com team or by Microsoft.

I am confident that you can run my code without risk for your computer or your infrastructure. If you have any doubts please let me know by sending me an e-mail.

Peter Kalmstrom
kalmstrom.com Business Solutions
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