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Type Cancellation

Problem How can I cancel my subscription to your product?

How can I cancel my subscription to your product?

The kalmstrom.com team of course hopes that you will find our product so useful that you will be happy to keep it year after year, but you can cancel your subscription anytime if you don't want to use your kalmstrom.com product anymore.

We do not delete the product content, when you uninstall or deactivate the solution, so all your content will still be there. But you cannot use it with our product anymore!

For monthly payments, click on the link to the payment partner you use for your subscription and learn how to cancel the subscription.


After you have cancelled the subscription at PayPal or eSellerate no more fees will be taken from your credit card and your kalmstrom.com product will stop working at the end of the month you have already paid for.

Please also write an e-mail to finance@kalmstrom.com  and tell us you have cancelled the subscription! Then we will not nag you for payments.

 For yearly payments, send an e-mail to finance@kalmstrom.com and tell us that you want to cancel your subscription. No more invoices will be sent to you, and your kalmstrom.com product will stop working when the current subscription year is finished.
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