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Report time and expenses from a SharePoint calendar

TimeCard iconLet the staff tag SharePoint calendar events with time reporting data and then report hours and expenses directly from their calendars. The tag values are selected from dropdowns in each event, which makes the tagging quick and minimizes the risk for errors.

TimeCard creates a new calendar for each user. In these calendars, the events have dropdowns for selection of tag values. Each of the calendars also has a Reporting button, that opens a Reporting dialog.

The TimeCard calendars may also be used for events that should not be tagged with TimeCard values and used for reporting.

You can use several subsites for TimeCard, for example one for each department. Each of these sites have their own reporting, and they can have their own settings and tags.


  1. Each user plan their time in the TimeCard SharePoint calendar and tag events with values selected from dropdowns.
  2. When it is time to report, the user presses the Report button to open the Reporting dialog and review the time before it is reported. Any changes made in the Reporting dialog will be reflected back to the calendar. At reporting, the data for the current reporting period may be exported to an Excel sheet.

Embed a summary

The TimeCard Summary gives managers an overview over reported and future events. The summary can be inserted into any page in the site collection.
  • Tag appointments/events with time reporting data that transforms them into time sheets.
  • Report time directly from the calendar.
  • Visual overviews. See the time to be reported in the calendar, in the reporting dialog and in the Excel report.
  • Possibility to report expenses with the hours.
  • Default tag values may be used and added automatically.
  • Add tag values in the subject automatically.Statistics icon
  • Filter out certain appointments/events from the reporting, for example private events.
  • Excel statistics and reports.
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