TimeCard Single Video Demonstrations

TimeCard iconWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use TimeCard.


1. Presentation

Introduction to TimeCard Single.

2. Installation

Learn how to install TimeCard Single on your Computer.

3. Example Data

For a quick evaluation of TimeCard you can use the Example Data that can be generated after the installation.

4. Managing Appointments

Learn how to tag Appointments with TimeCard values and how to copy Appointments.

5. Settings

Learn how to Configure TimeCard so that you get the most out of the tool.

6. Reporting

Report your time directly from the Outlook Calendar to the TimeCard Access Database or export the time report to Excel.

7. Statistics

Study reported data in the Statistics.

8. The Expenses feature

Enable the Expenses feature and you can report your expenses with the hours.

9. Expenses in the Statistics

When the Expenses feature is enabled one Expenses report per tag is created in the TimeCard Statistics.

10. Color Coding

Connect your tag values to colors for easier overview.

11. E-mail Mapping

Map e-mail address or e-mail domain with Tag Values, so that appointments are tagged automatically when you drag them to the Calendar.
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