TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile

Tag events in your smartphone

TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile screenWith TimeCard Mobile users can tag events with time reporting information in their smartphones and have a user interface that is adapted to mobile devices.

The first time TimeCard Mobile is used, the app will ask for the SharePoint Online site where TimeCard for SharePoint is installed.

After successful log in, the same settings and events as on the SharePoint site will be available in the smart device.

The current version of TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile only works with Office 365 SharePoint.


  1. Plan your time either in the TimeCard Mobile or in the TimeCard for SharePoint calendar and tag the events with time reporting information selected from dropdowns.

  2. Edit, add and remove events either in your TimeCard calendar on SharePoint or in your smart device.

  3. When it is time to report, go to your TimeCard for SharePoint calendar and report your hours as usual. (If your organization subscribes to both the SharePoint and the Outlook edition of TimeCard, you can report from Outlook too. All three calendars are synchronized.)

  4. (If you have expenses, add them to the events in the SharePoint calendar before reporting.)

Operating systems

TimeCard Mobile supports Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

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