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TimeCard Mobile and TimeCard Web Part, two new TimeCard for SharePoint enhancements

Borgholm 3 October 2015
kalmstrom.com Business Solutions has lately released two enhancements in TimeCard for SharePoint. Managers can have a web part that quickly gives an overview of recently reported time and also planned time for the nearest future. Users can add a free app to their smart devices and tag their SharePoint calendars with time reporting info in an interface adapted to small touch screens.

Report time from your SharePoint calendart

With TimeCard users cannot only plan their time in a SharePoint calendar but also use it for reporting of work time and expenses. The time reporting data can be analyzed in Excel.

With TimeCard the SharePoint calendar events get dropdowns where users can select tag values for Customer and Task – or any other parameters the administrator has defined.

Quick overview of time usage

The TimeCard statistics is excellent for Business Intelligence, but often managers also need a way to quickly see what people had done during the day and what was planned for tomorrow. With a SharePoint Web Part, the kalmstrom.com team could expand TimeCard to fill this overview function too. The TimeCard Summary Web Part can be inserted in any page in the site collection where TimeCard is installed.

SharePoint edition for people on the run

TimeCard has three editions: workgroup editions for Outlook and SharePoint and a Single edition for Outlook. The SharePoint edition is preferred by distributed teams and people who often work away from the office.

Mobile user interface

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeTimeCard Mobile takes the information from the TimeCard for SharePoint calendar and displays it
in a mobile friendly user interface. That way, users can tag events with time reporting information in smart devices that synchronize with the TimeCard for SharePoint calendar. Tag values and other global and personal settings are fetched from TimeCard for SharePoint.

Three operating systems

TimeCard Mobile can be downloaded from Windows Store (Windows Mobile devices) and Play Store (Android devices), and it will soon be available for iOS devices too.


Welcome to kalmstrom.com for more information about TimeCard. You may test the full version for 30 days without any obligations.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is the brand for software from the Swedish company Kalmstrom Enterprises AB. kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers applications for SharePoint and Outlook,where Excel is used for reports and statistics. They are all easy to install and work with and have extensive documentation.