Download Templates Manager Client

Templates Manager iconHere you can download the Templates Manager client add-in, that works with the desktop versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. When the client is installed, you can work with the Templates Manager templates in your PC.

Templates Manager Client adds a ribbon group to Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The ribbon group has buttons for template selection and SharePoint settings.

The installation can be performed centrally via Active Directory, but below are the steps for a manual installation.

Install on the PC

  1. Download the Templates Manager Client ZIP file to any location on your PC.
  2. Extract the ZIP file, so that you get the file TMClientSetup.msi.
  3. Run TMClientSetup.msi. If you get a warning here, click on More info and then Run anyway. All installation files are digitally signed and thereby secure to install.
  4. ccept the license agreement.
  5. By default Templates Manager Client is placed under Program files, but you can change to another location in next step.
  6. Now the installation is automatic, but you might have to allow the installation by answering Yes to the security warning.
  7. Click on Finish when the installation is completed.

Connect to the SharePoint templates library

  1. Open Excel, PowerPoint or Word in your PC.
  2. A dialog will open. Enter the path and your log in details to a SharePoint site and test the connection.
  3. After successful connection, click OK.
  4. Another dialog opens where you can specify which templates library you want to use. For SharePoint 2013 and above all templates libraries in the site are shown in a dropdown, where they can be selected.
This procedure only has to be performed once. Even if you open another Office application next time, Templates Manager Client will connect to the site and templates library you have specified.

Templates Manager ribbon group in desktop Office

Select template

Click on the Select Template button in the Templates Manager ribbon group to select a template for a new document, presentation or workbook. Now Templates Manager Client connects to the templates library you have defined and shows all templates for the kind of Office application you have open.

For example, if you click on the Select Template button in PowerPoint, only PowerPoint templates will be shown even if there are other kinds of Office templates in the library.

The first time you click on the Select Template button, you have to once more enter your login details to the SharePoint site. Check the Keep me signed in box if you want to avoid logging in each time.

Search or browse among the templates just as you normally do when you use Templates Manager in SharePoint.

When you click on a template, a copy will be downloaded to your PC, and you are asked to specify where it should be saved. Select location and click OK, and then you can start working with the template!

You might need to allow pop-ups for the download to work.

Download Templates Manager Client

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Download Templates Manager Client as a .zip file

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