Kanban Task Manager Editions

Generally the two SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager have the same features. The differences depend on how SharePoint sandboxed solutions and add-ins behave and are not unique for our products.


      Sandboxed Add-in
Installation   Activation. Upload to the root site of a site collection and activate there. Is then available and can be activated on all sites in the collection. Add an app. Download from SharePoint Store, or publish to the Add-in/App Catalog to be made available to the whole farm or tenant.
Create site template   Yes No
Groups supported   All SharePoint groups SharePoint permission groups
Use with SharePoint Online modern team site Yes, with custom script enabled Yes
Can be made available for the whole farm/tenant.   Yes, when installed on farm/tenant level Yes, when added to the App Catalog

Note: Microsoft has not deprecated sandboxed solutions but only custom code in sandboxed solutions. The kalmstrom.com SharePoint Solutions do not contain such code. Instead our products build on no-code sandboxed solutions, which Microsoft will continue to support. FAQ


The most detailed descriptions of the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions are given in the manuals, but these are the important differences:

Sandboxed Solution

  • The Kanban Task Manager Sandboxed Solution .wsp file is downloaded from the kalmstrom.com website and uploaded to the root site of a site collection. When the file has been activated in the root site, it is available for all sites in the site collection. It has to be activated on each site where it should be used.
  • The site where Kanban Task Manager Sandboxed Solution has been activated can be saved as a site template. Just note that when you restore the site template on a newly created site collection, upload the Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint .wsp file too (along with the site template .wsp file).
  • Supports all SharePoint groups, including SharePoint groups, Office 365 and Security groups.
  • The Sandboxed Solution can only be installed in a SharePoint Online modern site if custom script has been enabled in the SharePoint Admin center. You can however embed the kanban board in any site.
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  • The add-in architecture creates another SharePoint site to contain the app, what is called the "app web". The communication between the "host web" and the "app web" is constrained by the way the SharePoint API works as well as by browser security limitations. Therefore, the add-in gives less possibilities compared to the sandboxed solution.
  • Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in is installed with the "add an app" command. The .app file can be downloaded either from the SharePoint Store or from the kalmstrom.com website. If the file is published to the Add-in/App Catalog, it will be available to the whole farm or tenant under "Apps You Can Add".
  • SharePoint sites with add-ins cannot be saved as site templates, so this is not possible with Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in.
  • Supports only SharePoint permission groups.
  • Can be used with SharePoint Online modern team sites.
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