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Current file versions

Filename Version Last changed
KanbanTaskManagerSingleSetup.exe 8.0.23 2019-04-15
KanbanTask.dll 2019-01-17
KanbanTask.pdb   2019-01-17
KanbanShared.dll 2019-01-17
KanbanShared.pdb   2019-01-17
kOLShared.dll 2019-01-17
kOLShared.pdb   2019-01-17
kShared.dll 2019-01-17
kShared.pdb   2019-01-17
HtmlToRTFConverter.dll 2019-01-17
HtmlToRTFConverter.pdb   2019-01-17
SetupActions.CA.dll 2018-12-05
SafeKalmstrom64.dll 2018-12-07
SafeKalmstrom.dll 2018-12-07
adxloader.dll.manifest   2019-01-17
AddinExpress.OL.2005.dll 9.2.4635.0 2018-11-22
AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll 9.2.4635.0 2018-11-22
adxloader64.dll 9.2.4635.0 2019-01-17
adxloader.dll 9.2.4635.0 2019-01-17
SecurityManager.2005.dll 8.18.3273.2005 2018-12-04
System.Web.Extensions.dll 3.5.30729.5420 2017-11-16
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll 15.0.4420.1017 2016-12-28
stdole.dll 15.0.4420.1017 2018-06-25
Office.dll 5.0.4420.1017 2016-12-28
KTMHTML   2019-01-17

Kanban Task Manager icon Latest revision history

15 April 2019 Version 8.0.23 released

Bug Fix:
  • Fixed the default font issue on the kanban board.
17 Jan 2019 Version 8.0.21 released

  • A possiblity to show a kanban board in any Outlook tasks folder including the To-Do folder.
  • Addition of a checklist template.
  • Support for Outlook 2019.
  • Outlook categories have been used for projects.
  • A possiblity to customize the phase sequences.
  • Removed the possiblity to create example data, as the new version can work with any existing Outlook task folder.
  • Improved performance.
  • An upgrade notification for future updates.
28 Jun 2018 Version 7.0.25 released

Bug fixes:
  • In the earlier version, attachments were disappearing from tasks and in the e-mail to task conversion process. This issue is fixed now.
27 Apr 2018 Version 7.0.22 released
Blog post about this update

  • A possibility to add a checklist for each task.
  • A possibility to record time on each task.
  • Daily Trend view. A view to display daily task statuses in a line chart representation form.
  • Day Report view. A representation of task activities on a daily basis.
  • The collapse and expand status of the horizontal swim lanes on the kanban board are preserved even after restart Outlook.
  • Default values are set for 4 fields in new tasks. These values can be changed in the settings.
  • Improved design of the kanban board and the details pane.
  • Checklist count is displayed on the task cards.
  • Kanban Task Manager will preserve the filters on the kanban board after Outlook restart.
Bug fixes:
  • Minor bug fixes.
27 Oct 2017 Version 6.0.11 released

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an error which started occurring after Microsoft had updated a new Office version and disabled home page for Outlook folder properties.
23 May 2017 Version 6 released

  • Implemented a completely new design of the kanban board.
  • Improved the user interface of the configuration page.
  • Added a possibility of creating a new task by the shortcut Ctrl + Enter.
  • Enhanced the filter option by adding a possibility to filter by multiple projects, and priorities.
  • The filter controls are moved to a left pane, to give more vertical space.
  • The details pane is moved to the right pane to give more vertical space.
  • Added a possibility to close the task and change percentage done from the details pane.
  • Implemented some design changes in the Kanban Task Manager database tables for improved performance.
  • Removed a possibility to use custom phases, instead Outlook built-in status values will be used always.
Bug fixes:
  • Minor bug fixes.
22 Dec 2016 Version 5 released

  • Added a month view for open tasks. This view has two options, a calendar and a timeline where you will have an overview of when tasks are planned to start and end. It will be easy to drag and drop tasks to change the start and end dates.
  • Added a project view that shows a graph on how much has been completed of each project.
  • Added a completed graph on each task showing how much of the task has been completed.
  • Added a possibility to have more than one column per phase on the kanban board.
  • Added a Priority icons on the task cards.
  • Added a Task overdue indicator.
Bug fixes:
  • Minor bug fixes.
06 Nov 2015 Version 4 released

  • Added a convert button, so that e-mails can be converted into tasks on the kanban board.
  • Open button in the Outlook mail view to open corresponding task.
  • Added support for inline images, bold and italic text formatting in the tasks body.
  • Support for Outlook 2016.
  • WIP limits ? a possibility to give a warning if the number of tasks in a phase or lane exceeds the number defined in the settings.
  • Added a possibility to use status as a Kanban Task Manager phase. For new installations this will be the default option.
09 Mar 2015 Version 3 released

  • Added swim lanes, so that you can group tasks on the kanban board.
  • Added a possibility to drag and drop tasks between and within phases using the keyboard, Ctrl + arrows.
  • Implemented responsive design, which makes the user interface adapt better to different screens.
  • Added a possibility to zoom into tasks and out again.
  • Added a new feature to search tasks without hitting the Search button. Kanban Task Manager starts searching automatically when you write something in the Search field.
  • Added apossibility to drag and drop tasks by moving them with a finger, if you have a touch screen.
  • Support for a new language: Russian
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed registration problem.
  • Minor bug fixes.
11 Mar Bug fixes
  • Fixed trial over issue
11 Mar Bug fixes
  • Fixed trial over issue
29 Jan Version 2 released

  • Added an Extra field option with a customizable caption. Here each organization can define their own component to add to the tasks. A new table is created in the database when a name is added in the Extra field in the Configuration dialog. When a name is added, each task will get one more dropdown field where the extra field values can be selected, and the selected value will be shown on the visualized task on the kanban board. It will also be possible to filter by the extra field parameter.
  • Added the option to create Example data for the evaluation.
  • It is now possible to hide one or more of the Kanban Task Manager phases, for example the finished phase or if you have many tasks on the kanban board.
  • It is now possible to hide Projects and Responsible persons. This is useful for finished projects and responsibles that are no longer active in the workgroup.
  • The Delete icon on the delete button on the visualized task has been changed into a Close icon, and we give an option to change the behavior of the button.
    The Closed button will either delete or close the task and save it in a pre-defined phase. When a phase for this icon is specified in the Kanban Task Manager settings, the button will not delete tasks but instead move them to the specified phase. That phase will probably be hidden by the administrator, but this way the tasks will still be present in the database and used in the statistics.
  • A details pane has been added at the bottom of the screen. It shows more of the task subject and description when you right click on a task. Once the pane has been opened you can move between tasks and see the pane for each task.
  • New design for the statistics Excel reports
  • It is now possible to drag and drop tasks within phases and not only between different phases. The task ordering is maintained in both cases.
  • Improved performance.
Bug fixes:
  • An issue with the Kanban Task Manager ribbon group in the task has been solved..
  • Some organizations behind a proxy server got a premature trial over. Now Kanban Task Manager can handle it.
  • Fixed issues with non-English SharePoint languages
  • Fixed the error when select any task on the kanban board and press the 'Enter' key.
  • In the earlier version, when a filter was applied and the user pressed the key 'F5', the tasks disappeared from the kanban board. This issue is fixed now.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint.
10 July Enhancements:
  • The design of the visualized tasks in the kanban board is changed to match the Windows 8 style. This means that the shadows and rounded corners are removed.
  • There are two task sizes for the kanban board. The bigger size is the default one, but for workgroups with many tasks we give an option to use smaller visualizations of the tasks, so that more tasks can be seen on the screen without scrolling. The smaller tasks has no "card pin".
  • Added a possibility to show the Priority value on the visualized tasks on the kanban board.
  • The kanban board has a dropdown for filtering of Priority.
Bug fix:
Handled a synchronization issue experienced by some users.

Reduced the time delay in updating the SharePoint list when a change has been made from Outlook in any task.
10 Jan Enhancement:
Now the Outlook version supports systems with Outlook 2013 64-bit + Windows 8.

Bug fix:
Handled the scripting error some users experienced.
27 Nov Enhancements:
  • The performance of Kanban Task Manager has been enhanced, so that it works faster and smoother and the risk of Outlook hanging is minimized.
  • There is one single MSI for both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook.
30 Sept
  • Kanban Task Manager now supports Office 2013.
  • The task colors of the Kanban Task Manager homepage are connected to either the responsible or the project. That way the extra step of setting color is avoided. There is an option in the settings form for this. All colors in the RGB range are supported.
  • The tasks in the Outlook Kanban board have a new design and look 3D, and the Edit and Delete buttons are displayed only when the task is in focus.
  • It is possible to add a new task directly by double clicking in the desired phase area. The selected phase will be displayed in the task dropdown for phase, If the project and responsible are already selected on the Kanban board before the double clicking in the phase area, both (project and responsible) will also be displayed in the corresponding dropdowns in the new task.
  • A Search feature is added in the Outlook Kanban board, to help users to search any task through the task subjects and bodies.
  • It is possible to add tasks from the ?New Kanban Task Manager Task? under the Home Tab > New Items ribbon button.
  • The speed of getting the latest changed items from SharePoint has been increased to ten times faster.
  • The settings are now stored in a text file in JSon string format, which is better than the earlier xml as the settings are loaded faster and easier.
  • Variable text color: when the background color of a task on the Kanban board is dark the text color is white, and when the color is light the text color becomes black.
  • At the automatic synchronization only changed items are synchronized, not the whole homepage, which gives a faster synchronization.
  • Auto-complete instead of dropdowns for many items. When the number of alternatives for project, phase or responsible is more than 100 a dropdown is not the best alternative for selection. Then the dropdowns are converted into buttons. A click opens a dialog with all the alternatives and a field of the auto-complete type.
  • A new column named "Sequence" is added in the Kanban Task Manager Phases table/list, to make it easy for users to change the order of phases through the database/SharePoint site.
  • In the Settings form it is now possible to edit any cell on a single click.
  • The new Kanban Task Manager uses Client Object Model to communicate with SharePoint. It is comparatively faster than webservices, that we used earlier.
  • Kanban Task Manager now supports multi-language for the SharePoint lists.
  • A loader image is used wherever needed and proper loading messages are given.
  • Projects and responsibles are now displayed in alphabetical order everywhere in the settings and the new task dropdown.
  • After installation or upgrade of Kanban Task Manager , the settings form will not appear by default when the database/SharePoint already has Projects, Phases and Responsibles values are filled out.
  • If there are changes like password change or change in database name, the old settings are automatically filled out in the Sharing Option form. This way the user does not need to fill out all details if only the password is changed or the connection is not set. Earlier the sharing option form showed blank fields and the user had to fill out all the entries again. Now the user only needs to update the changed value to make a new connection.
Other changes:
  • Removed items: Interop.VBIDE.dll and jQuery folder
  • In settings form for Projects, "Due Date" is replaced by "Completed Date".
  • In settings form for Phases, "Order" is replaced by "Sequence".
  • The task description is not shown in the Reports.

Bug fixes:
  • Sometimes Outlook hung while writing an email.
  • For a few users the Task ribbon and Email ribbon sometimes disappeared.
  • For MS Access and SQL server databases, if a user selected a new database in the Kanban Task Manager sharing option form and a database already existed, the old database was deleted and a new one created. Now Kanban Task Manager gives a message that the database already exists.
  • Sometimes the Project and Resposbile dropdowns in the Kanban Task Manager homepage moved from their positions and the Responsible dropdown came before the Project dropdown.
  • If phase names were more than 20 characters the phase did not appear on one line in the homepage. Now it is possible to have phase names as long as the task width.
  • A few users were getting problems when working with two task items open in new windows.
  • The Excel reports process should end when the reports are closed. This is now handled for all cases.
10 July
Blog post about this update

  • Only changed entries in settings form are saved to the database, not the unchanged ones, for a quicker process.
  • Kanban Task Manager now works with a SharePoint task list containing a workflows.
  • Added splash screen for waiting on Configure button click.
  • The Kanban Task Manager pane shows the waiting process when a user clicks on the Sync all Tasks button. At the same time the other Kanban Task Manager buttons are disabled.
Resolved bugs:
  • When the date separator was not / or - and an SQL Server database was used for sharing, projects and tasks where not saved properly.
  • A few users had problems with the Kanban Task Manager dropdowns in the Outlook tasks. They were empty or disappeared due to a connection issue.
  • The Excel reports are now working fine also with Excel 2003.
21 June
Kanban Task Manager released!
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