Kanban Task Manager Single Plans

Kanban Task Manager Single logo Below is what we want to see in future versions of Kanban Task Manager Single .

The priorities are fluent, but if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it. Then we will put "your" feature at the top of the list.

We also welcome all suggestions for future development, whether you have a possibility to sponsor them or not.

Current development, for release in Q3 2018

  • Make kanban board work on any Outlook task folder. It will make Kanban Task Manager Single much more powerful as you can work with your existing tasks with this possibility.
  • Add support for attachments and inline images in the task body.
  • A possibility to keep the applied filter even after closing the search pane.

Future development plans

  • Open hours calculation for tasks in the Excel statistics report.
  • We will give a possibility to filter by date in the Daily Trend view.
  • When filtering it will be possible to select multiple projects instead of just one.
  • A possibility to import existing tasks into Kanban Task Manager.
  • An option to restrict the number of displayed closed tasks and only show tasks from the latest X hours, or the latest X tasks, in the Finished/Done/Completed phase, that is, the phase to where closed tasks should be moved. The hidden tasks will not be removed from the database/SharePoint list. Instead they will be retained for statistics purposes.
  • We will give a possibility to filter tasks by due date .
  • A possibility to use custom phases.
  • Add a possibility to export the current kanban board to a PDF file, so that it can be printed.
  • Add a connection between Kanban Task Manager and the Outlook calendar.
  • Give a possibility to use Kanban Task Manager with existing Outlook tasks instead of creating a new folder .
  • Make it possible to use multiple boards in Outlook.
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