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Time Logging, Default Values and More Views
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Borgholm, Sweden, 9 May 2018

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is happy to announce the release of a major update of the Outlook workgroup edition of Kanban Task Manager. Version 7 gives several new possibilities: to create checklists for tasks, to log time spent on tasks and to have default values for the task tagging. Two new views have also been added.

Kanban board with panes
Kanban Task Manager visualizes Outlook tasks as color coded cards on a kanban board with work phases and lanes for grouping. The cards show important information like subject, due date, responsible and priority.

Users can tag the tasks with phase (an Outlook Status values), project and responsible, and lanes and a custom parameter can also be added. These tag values are used on the kanban board, in the filtering and in the Kanban Task Manager Excel reports.

Right click on a card to display its details pane to the right. Here users can manage the tasks in various ways without having to open it.

Click on the search icon to open the left pane, which gives a possibility to filter the tasks by one or several projects and/or assignees and/or priorities.

Checklist and Time Logging
Version 7 of Kanban Task Manager gives two new possibilities: users can create checklists for tasks and log time spent on tasks.

The minutes registered by different users on a task will be summarized and shown as hours in the details pane and in the Kanban Task Manager statistics.

Checklists are helpful for tasks that are complicated and include several steps. When a checklist is created for a task, the task card on the kanban board shows how many of the steps that have been completed.

Default tag values
Kanban Task Manager gives default values for the task parameters Responsible, Start Date, Due Date, Project and Priority. The default values can of course be changed or not used at all, but by default, Kanban Task Manager gives these suggestions in the tag dropdowns when users create new tasks:

  • Responsible: the current user.
  • Start Date: the current date.
  • Due Date: the current date plus one
  • Project: the first project in the list.
  • Priority: Normal.
If the user has filtered for Project/Responsible/Priority, that value will be default instead of the value set as default in the Kanban Task Manager settings.

"Customers have asked for these features, so the new version of Kanban Task Manager will be highly appreciated", says Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer at kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. "We want users to always have the latest and best versions of our products, so free upgrades are included in all kalmstrom.com subscriptions."

Manager views
The visualized tasks can be studied in more ways, as there are various other views in addition to the default kanban board. Tasks can be seen by month or year, or on a timeline grouped by project or assignee. The projects may also be visualized as pie charts, where each slice of the pie represents a phase.

Version 7 of Kanban Task Manager has two new views: the Daily Trend is a line chart over the latest 30 days, that shows how many tasks are open, new and closed each day. The Day Report shows task activities for a specified day, by default the current day minus one.

These views give managers good overviews of task distribution over time and among projects and staff.


kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers a trial period of 30 days for the full version of Kanban Task Manager. During the evaluation the kalmstrom.com team gives full support, just as support and upgrades are included for organizations that subscribe to Kanban Task Manager.

The kalmstrom.com team
Peter Kalmström and his team develop and market add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint under the brand name kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. The company behind the brand is the family owned Kalmstrom Enterprises AB, a Swedish business with customers all over the world.

The common theme for the kalmstrom.com applications is that they add functionality on top of the Microsoft products they build on.

More info
For further information, please refer to the kalmstrom.com website. You are also welcome to contact support@kalmstrom.com for technical questions and  sales@kalmstrom.com for sales matters.