Try Kanban Task Manager for Outlook

Kanban Task Manager iconYou are welcome to download and try Kanban Task Manager for Outlook for 30 days without any obligations. Then the application will stop functioning.

To continue using Kanban Task Manager after the trial period, order a register free Premium copy of Kanban Task Manager or Register Kanban Task Manager. Should you decide that Kanban Task Manager is not the right solution for your organization, you must uninstall it.

Each user must install Kanban Task Manager.

The first user/admin decides what sharing option should be used and configures Kanban Task Manager.

Subsequent users only have to perform the steps 1-6 below. When they select the same sharing option as the first user, the configuration made by the first user is loaded to their PCs automatically. When tasks with Kanban Task Manager data are created by team members, all these tasks will also be shown in the Kanban Task Manager folder of each PC.


Installation steps
Kanban Task Manager installation figure
  1. Download the file KanbanTaskManager in .exe or .zip format to any folder on your computer.(Extract the .zip file.)
  2. Close Outlook if it is open.
  3. Click the .exe file to perform the installation. Kanban Task Manager is installed under Program files, and no choices have to be made.
  4. Open Outlook when the installation is finished.
  5.  Click the new Configure button. You are now asked to give a name to the Kanban Task Manager Outlook folder. You can give it any name, as this is only for your own computer.
    Click OK.
  6. You are now asked to select your team's alternative for sharing. Log in or give path, depending on what option is selected.
  7. Check the box for Example data and click OK or just click OK without checking the box. In that case the Kanban Task Manager settings will be opened, so that you can enter the workgroup's own projects and maybe also, responsibles, lanes and a custom parameter.

Example data creation and removal

(The demo shows version 6, but the process is the same in the current version.)

For details about the installation and configuration, refer to the Manual and to demo number five on the Demonstrations page.

It might me necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser for the download to work.

Download the .exe-file

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(to download a zipped file, see below)


Premium Members of the Community may request a register free copy of Kanban Task Manager.

Other users must register Kanban Task Manager when the trial period is over. Kanban Task Manager register button The registration is made by the first user/administrator for all users by entering e-mail address and the registration key in the Registration dialog.

Subscribe to Kanban Task Manager.  The Medium subscription is valid for both organizational versions of Kanban Task Manager.

Sharing options

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook supports three alternatives for sharing and storage:
  • A SharePoint site, SharePoint 2010 or above or Office 365 SharePoint
  • An SQL Server database, any version
  • An Access database
If you select SharePoint or SQL Server, you need to have your own SharePoint site or SQL Server, in-house or hosted. The Access database is created by Kanban Task Manager.

Download a .zip-file

If you have problems downloading an .exe-file you can try this alternative, which downloads a .zip-file.

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