Kanban Task Manager Demonstrations

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logoYou are welcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. Note that some of the demos have the old design. They will be replaced as soon as possible.

Please refer to the manual for detailed information on how to configure and use Kanban Task Manager for Outlook.


1. Introduction

Introduction to Kanban Task Manager for Outlook.

2. Sharing and Storage

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook has three options for sharing and storage of data: SharePoint, Access and SQL Server.

3. Installation

Kanban Task Manager must be installed on each PC. The admin/first user decides sharing option. Subsequent users just select the same database/site and click OK.

4. Example data

Learn how to generate Example data for the evaluation and how to remove it again when you want to use your own tasks, projects, responsibles, phases and lanes.

5. Configuration

Configure Kanban Task Manager for your team.

6. Statistics

In the statistics Excel reports you can analyze the team's project and task management over time.

7. Slideshow

The Kanban Task Manager slideshow as a demo without sound.

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