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Kanban Task Manager for Outlook Workgroup Edition

Kanban Task Manager logotypeThe Outlook workgroup edition of Kanban Task Manager uses Outlook tasks, that have been given extra dropdowns for project and responsible. If enabled, users can also tag the tasks with values for swim lanes and for a custom parameter.

The selected values of each task give information for task categorization. It is also used in the statistics.


Kanban Task Manager for Outlook is installed in a folder under Outlook Tasks. When a user opens that folder he can reach the workgroup’s different projects and tasks. New projects and tasks can be created with a few simple steps.

All ongoing projects can be seen in Outlook on all PCs, and when one member of the group creates a new task, changes a task or drags it to another phase or lane, the other team members can see it in their PCs also.

Kanban board integrated in Outlook

When we move the kanban board into Outlook, we can give many useful features:
  • A nice user interface with graphical indicators for due date, progress, priority and more.
  • It is easy to drag and drop tasks within or between different phases and lanes.
  • Set number of columns for each phase, for optimal utilization of screen space.
  • Tasks are synchronized automatically within the workgroup, so everything is up to date and everyone can see what is happening.
  • Tasks for multiple projects can be displayed in one Kanban board.
  • Search subjects and body texts of the tasks.
  • Manage tasks in a details pane directly on the kanban board.
  • Filter tasks by one or several priorities, projects and responsibles and, if enabled, also by a custom parameter. Kanban Task Manager for Outlook Convert icon
  • Convert e-mails into tasks with a button click.
  • Use a checklist to divide complicated tasks into steps.
  • Time logging, to keep track of how much time is spent on each task.
  • Zoom in and out on the kanban board, to see more details or more tasks.
  • Default values for task tagging.
  • The WIP limits feature gives a warning when the number of tasks in a phase or lane exceeds the number specified in the settings.
  • Support for inline images, bold and italic in the task body.
  • More views can be reached from the kanban board:
    • Month view
    • Year view
    • Timeline, tasks grouped by Responsibles
    • Timeline, tasks grouped by Project
    • Project view with pie charts that show tasks in phases.
    • Daily trend graph shows task activities over 30 days
    • Day report of activities for a specified day.
  • Statistics icon Various statistics reports are automatically generated to Excel. The data can be studied and shown with all standard Excel features.

Sharing Projects, Phases and Tasks

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook has three Microsoft options for sharing:
  •  An Access database. None of the users must have Access installed, as the ability to read and write to an Access databases is included in Office.
  • An SQL Server database.
  • A SharePoint site. The workgroup can be geographically dispersed!

    When the SharePoint sharing option is selected, the Outlook edition of Kanban Task Manager may be used together with one of the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions on the same data. The Medium and Premium subscription levels allow this combination and several more!

Subscriptions from EUR 158 / USD 190 per month
– no per user fee