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Press release, Study Manager for SharePoint

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Study Manager V2 With More Learning Options

Borgholm, Sweden, 16 June 2016

Study Manager for SharePoint has been updated with a new task type and several options for when students can continue to next task.

Learning Management System
Study Manager
was first developed for two Swedish towns, where teachers wanted to add their own study material to a platform that students could reach via the internet. They also wanted to see statistics on student progress.

Teacher control
The kalmstrom.com team developed Study Manager as a SharePoint Solution, which is easier to learn, cheaper and more efficient than a custom solution.

One installation per subject
"Each subject can have its own Study Manager site collection", says Peter Kalmström, CEO of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions and the System Designer behind Study Manager. The site collection should also contain documents, videos, newsfeeds a discussion board and other things are shared within a study group or among all who follow the same training program.

Test option
Exercises can be created in Study Manager, and each exercise can have several different kinds of tasks. My default, students must solve one task before the next task is displayed, but in version 2 the kalmstrom.com developers have added a test option for each exercise. When it is enabled, students can continue to the next task, and the correct answers will be shown when all tasks in the exercise have been displayed. Statistics on the result is also shown to the student, and teachers can see that statistics and more reports on all student results.

Connect with image
The new Study Manager task type in version 2 uses images in the left column and words or phrases in the right column. The student task is to drag the correct text to each image. This task type can be used in various ways, but the most obvious one is maybe for vocabulary training.

Try it!
Welcome to kalmstrom.com for more information about Study Manager. You may test the full version for 30 days without any obligations.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is the brand for software from the Swedish company Kalmstrom Enterprises AB. kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers applications for SharePoint and Outlook. They are all easy to install and work with and have extensive online documentation.

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