Study Manager Manual

Study Manager for SharePoint iconPlease download the Study Manager manual in .docx or .pdf format.

You may print the manual or parts of it
for use within your organization. 

You may also change or add text and images to adapt the manual to your needs. We provide the Word document to make it easy to change the manual, but for best reading and printing quality we recommend the PDF file.

The manual is updated every time a new feature is added to Study Manager and also at other times if users point out that things need to be clarified.

Read the manual online for a quick overview.

These are the main sections in the Study Manager Manual.

1   Introduction
2   Installation
3   Example Data
4   Administration
5   Organization of the study material
6   Add content to Study Manager
7   Version History

8   Customization
9   Clean-Up
10  Registration and Trial Info
11  Subscription
12  Contact
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