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ShareTask Mobile App for SharePoint Tasks

Let the team manage SharePoint list items in their smartphones

ShareTask logotypeWith ShareTask, SharePoint Online users can work with list items in smartphones or tablets and have a user interface that is adapted to small screens.

Log in to a site, select one of the lists there, and you will see list items assigned to you and items that have not yet been assigned to someone.

ShareTask has two parts:
  • A Sandboxed Solution that is downloaded from kalmstrom.com
  • A free mobile App that is downloaded from a store
The App works with Tasks and Issue Tracking lists on all SharePoint Online sites where the ShareTask Sandboxed Solution has been activated.

ShareTask also supports the Kanban Task Manager default tasks list, KTM Tasks.

Operating systems

ShareTask supports Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

ShareTask requires an activation on SharePoint Online, so it is licensed per organization. One subscription allows upload to an unlimited number of site colletions within the tenant and activation on an unlimited number of sites.

Once ShareTask is activated on a site, all users who have at least Contribute permissions on that site can reach the lists from their apps.

The ShareTask mobile app is free, so each user can just download the preferred version.

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