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ShareTask Press Release

Manage SharePoint Online List Items In Smartphones and Tablets

Borgholm, Sweden, 26 February 2016

Kalmstrom Enterprises AB is happy to announce the release of a new mobile app: ShareTask. This handy app displays SharePoint Online list items in an interface adapted to smartphones and tablets, so that users can create, edit and complete tasks while out of the office.

Sandboxed Solution
The ShareTask app is very easy to use, because nearly everything is handled by a sandboxed solution on the SharePoint site. When the ShareTask WSP has been activated on a site, all users of that site can download the app from a store and connect to the site. Then they are ready to start working with their tasks.

Only one subscription per organization is necessary. It is valid for the whole SharePoint Online tenant and allows an unlimited number of installations and users. The mobile app is free.

Tasks and Issue Tracking
ShareTask supports all SharePoint Online lists that are built on the Tasks or Issue Tracking template. This means that ShareTask also supports the KTM Tasks list used with Kanban Task Manager.

"I know that subscribers to kalmstrom.com SharePoint Solutions like Kanban Task Manager and HelpDesk OSP have been waiting for this app", says CEO and Systems Designer Peter Kalmström. "But you don't have to use ShareTask with one of our products. It will work for all Tasks and Issue Tracking lists."

Create, Edit, Complete
Users can create new list items in ShareTask or edit or complete existing items. When a new item has been added in SharePoint it will take less than a minute before it is shown in ShareTask too.

Each user will see items assigned to him/her and tasks that have not yet been assigned to someone. The items are sorted first after priority and then after created date, and the priority icons are of course clearly visible in the items list.

Free trial

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers a trial period of 30 days for the full version of ShareTask. Download the ShareTask WSP fiile from the kalmstrom.com site and the app from a store, Windows Store, App Store or Google Play.

During the evaluation the kalmstrom.com team offers full support, just as support and upgrades are included for organizations that subscribe to ShareTask.

Brand and company
Peter Kalmström and his team develop and market add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and Excel under the brand name kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. The common theme for the kalmstrom.com applications is that they add functionality on top of the Microsoft products they build on.

The company behind the brand is the family owned Kalmstrom Enterprises AB, a Swedish business with customers all over the world.

For more information, please refer to the kalmstrom.com website. You are also welcome to contact sales@kalmstrom.com.