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SP Attach Slideshow

SP Attach iconPlease watch this slideshow to get an overview of SP Attach.

Download a PowerPoint presentation.

This .ppsx file gives the best quality.
It can also be watched with  Microsoft Office Power Point Viewer.

Watch the slides online:

Efficient file sharing with SP Attach

Compare the steps to upload a file to a SharePoint document library with and without SP Attach:

Without SP Attach  With SP Attach
1. Open the SharePoint site.  1. Attach the file to the e-mail.
2. Open the document library.  (2. Change SharePoint library.)
3. Upload the file to the library.(3. Confirm by clicking OK.)
4. Copy the link to the file.  4. Send the e-mail.
5. Paste the link in the e-mail. 
6. Send the e-mail.

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