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SP Attach – Press Release

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Replace E-mail  Attachments with SharePoint Links with New kalmstrom.com Solution

Borgholm, Sweden, 23 April 2015

Do you have problems getting your staff to send links to SharePoint document libraries instead of e-mail attachments?  kalmstrom.com Business Solution has overcome the hurdle of uploading and link copying, in a new product that lets Outlook take care of the tedious work.

SP Attach adds the link

The new kalmstrom.com Solution, SP Attach, changes the default behavior of the Outlook attachment feature. Instead of adding the file to the e-mail, Outlook sends it to the pre-defined SharePoint library and adds a link to the file in the e-mail.

Select library

You can also set SP Attach to let you choose among several document libraries, and you can even tell SP Attach to not upload the file to SharePoint but to send it as a normal attachment. This is of course useful when you send e-mails to people who don't have access to the SharePoint site.

SP Attach is included in some of the kalmstrom.com Subscriptions, but SP Attach may also be licensed separately. Feel free to contact kalmstrom.com for more information on SP Attach.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is a Swedish brand for well functioning and documented add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Exchange and SharePoint. Each product adds some functionality to the Microsoft product it builds on, so when software from kalmstrom.com is implemented the users can go on working in an environment they already know.