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Use document libraries instead of e-mail attachments

Let Outlook publish attachments to SharePoint
and add a link in the e-mail instead

SP Attach logoDo you often send attachments to each other within the organization? Let Outlook publish your files directly to a SharePoint library instead!

SharePoint document libraries give benefits

  • Sharing files via SharePoint is safer than sending them as attachments.
  • Mailboxes will not be filled up with attached files.
  • SharePoint libraries give a better overview over files.
  • The SharePoint Search is more powerful than the Outlook Search.
  • SharePoint Versioning feature lets you see earlier
    versions of each item. SharePoint Alert button
  • SharePoint can send e-mail notifications when files have been added or changed.
  • You can create different views in the SharePoint library.

SharePoint Document Library views

Links instead of attachments

Outlook Attach file button SP Attach changes the default behavior of the Outlook "Attach File" command, so that the attachment will be published to a SharePoint document library. A link to the published file will be added in the e-mail instead of an attachment.

SP Attach gives three options for e-mail attachments:
  • Publish the file to a specified SharePoint library automatically.
    This option adds a link to the published file in the e-mail.

    SP Attach in Outlook

  • Confirm the upload to a SharePoint library. This option adds a link to the published file in the e-mail, and it also gives you a possibility to choose between several libraries.

  • Choose to not publish the file to a SharePoint library but send it as a normal e-mail attachment. This option is useful when the e-mail is sent to someone outside the organization and/or in other cases when the attachment cannot or should not be published to SharePoint. Then you can just say no to the SharePoint publication, and the file will be sent as a standard e-mail attachment.
Organizational version:

EUR 53 / USD 60 per month
or EUR 583 / USD 660 per year

Support, upgrades and free use within the organization included.