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Customized SharePoint Archiving With New kalmstrom.com Solution

Borgholm, Sweden, 20 November 2014

kalmstrom.com Business Solution has released a new product, SP Archive. It is a desktop based application that archives all kinds of SharePoint list items. This solution is intended for organizations who need to keep records and store their data in a systematic manner.

SharePoint has limitations in storing data, so some kind of archiving is necessary as SharePoint itself cannot keep records for unlimited data. SP Archive makes the archiving process efficient, and you can also use SP Archive for backup purposes.

SP Archive gives you the possibility to remove data automatically from SharePoint after completion of the archiving process.

Specific Item Selection

You can select specific fields from the list items that should be archived. Check the fields you want to archive, and if they are not in the order you wish to have them, you can change that too.

Database Selection

SP Archive lets you archive the SharePoint list items to a new or existing database. Both SQL Server and MS Access are supported, and you can use several different databases with SP Archive.


SP Archive gives a filter option, so that the SharePoint list items to be archived can be filtered in various ways. There are nearly no limitations on how you can add filters with different conditions for every field.

Export to Excel

The archived data can be exported to an Excel sheet. "Export to Excel is a very useful feature", says Junior Developer Ankit Raghuvanshi, who has assisted with the development of SP Archive. "In SP Archive we are archiving data in a database and users can of course see that data there, but by using the Export to Excel feature users do not need to go into the database every time. Instead they can have a quick overview of the archived SharePoint list items in an Excel sheet."

SP Archive is included in some of the kalmstrom.com Subscriptions, but SP Archive may also be licensed separately. Feel free to contact Senior Developer Jitu Patidar, responsible for the development of SP Archive for more information on SP Archive.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is a Swedish brand for well functioning and documented add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Exchange and SharePoint. Each product adds some functionality to the Microsoft product it builds on, so when software from kalmstrom.com is implemented the users can go on working in an environment they already know.

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