Future development of SP Archive

SP Archive for SharePoint logotypeBelow is what we want to see in future versions of SP Archive.

The priorities are fluent, but if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it. Then we will put "your" feature on the top of the list.

We also welcome all suggestions for future development, whether your organization has a possibility to sponsor it or not.

Future development

  • SharePoint archiving

    In the second version of SP Archive we will add a possibility to copy the data to a SharePoint Archive list, as an alternative to a database.

  • Library archiving enhancement

    Enhanced archiving of SharePoint libraries, so that it is quicker and the folder hierarchy is kept for items and attachments.

  • Field ordering

    When fields are deselected in left column of the Archive dialog, the sequence cell should become empty, and the order of the remaining fields should change accordingly. That way it will be easier to change the order of the checked fields.

  • Filter by view

    We will provide filters according to SharePoint views.

  • Auto-archiving

    We will give a possibility to add archive frequency settings to a list and let SP Archive archive that list automatically.
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