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KBase V3: press release

Outlook knowledge base with lots of possibilities

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Borgolm 7 June 2013
kalmstrom.com Business Solutions has released a new version of the knowledge base application KBase. Version 3 gives many more options than the earlier versions, both when used inside Outlook and when added to other platforms.

Runs in Outlook

KBase is a knowledge base that runs inside Outlook but also can be used with SharePoint, Excel or the web. This gives good possibilities to share the KBase article within a workgroup or to a bigger audience. The new version also gives additional features when used inside Outlook.


The KBase articles can be grouped by category and type, and the settings for each organization is defined in a tree view that makes the hiearchy clearly visible. Should you need additional categorization fields they can be added via the KBase settings by just adding a name to the field.

Outlook post item

When used in Outlook the KBase articles are now standard Outlook post items. No special article form can create problems, and it is possible to use the standard Outlook features in the articles. Show the articles in a reading pane under or to the right of the article list, just like you do with e-mails.

Use Outlook features

When the KBase articles are created in Outlook all the Outlook tools can be used, like text formatting, spell check, attachments and embedded images. The articles are saved in Outlook in the same way as e-mails and appointments, and they can of course be full text searched.

Earlier KBase versions used a public folder for sharing the articles, but from version 3 KBase instead uses a database or a SharePoint site as sharing medium.

Articles in SharePoint

When SharePoint is used for sharing, the articles can be viewed in SharePoint with the same grouping by category and type as in Outlook. Any custom SharePoint views may of course also be used. It is also possible to edit and even create articles directly in SharePoint, but it is not as easy as when you use the KBase installation in Outlook.

Try it!

The fully functional version of KBase can be downloaded from https://www.kalmstrom.com and evaluated for 30 days without any obligations.

Refer to https://www.kalmstrom.com for more information on KBase. Also feel free to contact sales@kalmstrom.com.


kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is the brand for software from the Swedish company Kalmstrom Enterprises AB. kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers add-ons for MS Outlook, Excel and SharePoint, all easy to install and use and with extensive documentation.
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