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KBase: latest revision history and current file versions

Current file versions

Filename Version Last changed
KBaseSetup.msi 4.0.2 2016-05-02
kalmstrom.dll 2015-04-14
Kalmstrom.pdb 2015-04-14
KBase.dll 2016-05-02
KBase.pdb 2016-05-02
KBaseCommonCodes.dll 2016-05-02
KBaseCommonCodes.pdb 2016-05-02
KBaseSync.exe 2016-05-02
KBaseSync.pdb 2016-05-02
KBaseExampleData.exe 2016-05-02
KBaseExampleData.pdb 2016-05-02
KBaseSettings.exe 2016-05-02
KBaseSettings.pdb 2016-05-02
KBaseUpgrade.exe 2016-05-02
KBaseUpgrade.pdb 2016-05-02
AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll 8.0.4330.0 2015-10-14
AddinExpress.OL.2005.dll 8.0.4330.2005 2015-10-14
adxloader.dll 8.0.4330.0 2015-10-14
adxloader64.dll 8.0.4330.0 2015-10-14
Extensibility.dll 7.0.9466.1 2012-09-10
Interop.Office.dll 2013-03-29
Interop.Outlook.dll 2013-03-29
Interop.SHDocVw.dll 2013-06-24
Interop.VBIDE.dll 2013-03-29
Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll 6.1.7600.16394 2010-02-03
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll 16.1.3912.1204 2015-11-18
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll 16.1.3912.1204 2015-11-18
SafeKalmstrom.dll 2015-10-20
SafeKalmstrom64.dll 2016-01-24
SecurityManager.2005.dll 7.1.3141.2005 2013-08-13
SetupActions.CA.dll 2016-05-02
System.Net.Http.dll 2013-07-09
System.Web.Extensions.dll 3.5.30729.5420 2012-09-11

KBase icon

Revision history

02 May 2016 Enhancement:
  • Support for Outlook 2016.
15 Apr 2015 Version 3.0.79 released

Bug fixes:
  • Removed the upgrade warning message.
  • Fixed issue with in-line images and attachments path in the Publish To Web Pages feature.
28 Mar
  • A possibility to propagate database path/database connection information via Active Directory.
  • Performance improved.
  • Added new icons.
Bug fixes:
  • Some organizations behind a proxy server got a premature trial over. Now KBase can handle it.
  • Fixed issues with non-English SharePoint languages.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
7 June
Version 3 released.

We have made a total re-build of the kalmstrom.com knowledge base application. If you use KBase today you will still recognize the application, and you can do what you did before, but by changing the architecture we have made KBase better suited for future development and more stable. Several new features have also been added.

The Outlook part is now simpler and easier to work with, and by introducing new sharing options we have given users more opportunities.

No need for Outlook form

Version 3 of KBase no longer depends on the Outlook form, which may create problems. Instead the KBase articles are standard Outlook post item that has been given two hierarchic dropdowns, one for category and one for type. Many types can be associated to each category, and when a category is selected in the article the type dropdown will be populated with the associated types.

KBase article

No need for public folder/shared mailbox

With earlier versions you had to use a public folder or shared mailbox to share the articles within the workgroup. Now Microsoft is planning to cut down on support for public folders, and shared mailboxes also have their disadvantages.

Several sharing options

Version 3 of KBase instead has a local installation that loads data from both Outlook and a source outside Outlook. This source can be an Access database, an SQL Server database or a SharePoint site.

The rebuild has allowed us to give KBase V3 the following new features and enhancements:
  • Preview window. The KBase articles may be seen in an Outlook preview window, just like e-mails.
  • Support for the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. Earlier KBase only supported the 32-bit version.
  • Support for the 32- and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2013.
  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Add custom fields easily from the new settings form.

  • KBase settings, second tab
  • Add new categories and types easily in the tree view of the new settings form.
    KBase settings, first tab

  • The earlier folder homepage is not needed. Instead the KBase buttons can be found in the Outlook ribbon. The KBase toolbar in the Outlook ribbon
  • The KBase articles may be exported to web pages, and the web user interface has a new and more modern design.
  • When the SharePoint sharing option is selected, KBase articles may be read, edited and created in SharePoint and not only in Outlook. Team members may actually use KBase V3 without even having it installed in Outlook.
  • A more elaborate Search feature that supports regular expressions and * searches. The results is shown like in Outlook and Folder HelpDesk.
  • Net icon New technology

    In KBase V3 the old VB6 coding has been replaced with the latest version of the more modern .NET technologies.

    Users will not notice this directly, but with .NET it will be easier for kalmstrom.com to maintain and develop KBase in the future.
Bug fixes:
  • In export to web pages and Excel KBase V2 was giving an Outlook security warning. This is fixed in V3.
  • In KBase V2 was using a custom Outlook form that sometimes created trouble in loading and even got corrupt. V3 uses a standard post item instead.
  •  Problem with loading inline images in article's body, now fixed in V3.
1 Dec Enhancements:
  • New Feature: Export to Excel. Can be run from the KBase installation folder or from the Export to Excel button inn Outlook. If run from the installation folder it can also be used for other Outlook folders.
  • New background and logo in KBase Archive.
  • New design of the KBase homepage
Bug fixes:
  • Clicking on the Browse button in the setup made the installer crash some users.
  • The Browse button in KBase Archive exe was not working properly, so some users had to paste the path.
  •  Some users were getting errors when they clicked on the Generate button in KBase Archive.
  • In KBase archive exe a link was showing kalmstrom.nu instead of kalmstrom.com
5 Oct The file KBaseArchive.exe was giving an Outlook security prompt. Now it will not give it if installed with kalmstrom.com products. Also a runtime error was fixed.
21 June Update due to change of digital signature
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