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E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint

Auto convert e-mails into SharePoint list items

When you want incoming e-mails be automatically converted to SharePoint list items all the time, you can place E-mail Converter on a server where it runs around the clock ( FAQ).

That is how kalmstrom.com has used E-mail Converter earlier, but now we have developed a new edition of E-mail Converter that runs on Windows Azure instead: E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint. This service does the automatic conversion just like the Outlook add-on on the server, but without Outlook and with a much easier configuration.

See this animation to get an idea on what we have created. It was recorded when E-mail Converter was still called HelpDesk OSP, but it will still give you the correct information.

When the kalmstrom.com team has tested E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint for a while and we have made sure that it works as intended, it will be released on the market.

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