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SharePoint list instead of documents

List system for structured documents

This is an idea for a document management system that uses a SharePoint list instead of a document library, a website or a file system.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions wants to develop a tool that transfers the info under separate document headings into list items.

Does your company or organization have many highly structured documents? It might be ISO certification documents, orders, instructions, manuals and similar documents that are usually very long, structured and controlled.

Often you only need to read what is under one of these headings, but you still have to open the whole document. It would be more convenient if you could go directly to the information you are looking for.

When the info under each heading is a separate list item and they are all gathered in a structured list, you can find what you need more quickly than if you have to open a document and find the right part of it.

Microsoft SharePoint list itemAnother advantage of having the document info in a SharePoint list is that you can use the SharePoint list and list item features.

You can be notified when any part or certain parts of the document have been changed, and you can look at the version history of each item.

For the whole list you can create different views, for example views that show items that have been changed during a certain time or items in a certain category.

The solution is suitable for highly structured documents and gives a very good overview. The kalmstrom.com team has created a prototype, that was used to generate the list items seen in the video below.

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