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HelpDesk OSP ??? Folder HelpDesk

Two Outlook helpdesk applications from kalmstrom.com

  • E-mail Converter logotypeHelpDesk OSP is based on SharePoint, and you can use any Outlook application where HelpDesk OSP is installed for conversion and communication with the callers.
    The tickets are stored in SharePoint list(s), and you can reach them as long as you have an internet connection. 

  • Folder HelpDesk logotypeFolder HelpDesk is based on Exchange and intended for use in a local network. The tickets are stored in a database and/or in Outlook, and all the work takes place inside Outlook.
    You can reach the tickets when you are connected to??a LAN, or you can use a cloud based file server folder that you access via VPN.
Apart from the obvious differences with a web based and an Outlook based application, and the use of SharePoint versus Exchange and a database for storage and information sharing, we want to point out some other differences.

Features that exist in Folder HelpDesk but not in HelpDesk OSP

Folder HelpDesk is a well established and much sold helpdesk application. It has had many years to mature, while HelpDesk OSP is a newer development. HelpDesk OSP is a product for the future, but it cannot have everything at once.
  • Work descriptions and running summary of time worked
  • Multi-select e-mails to create tickets
  • Customizing .html templates for automatic notifications (With HelpDesk OSP notifications can be sent by using SharePoint workflows)
  • End-user web form
  • KBase integration
Some of the Folder HelpDesk features listed above are not needed at all in HelpDesk OSP, some can be accomplished with a SharePoint workflow, and the rest will come later. kalmstrom.com Subscribers may upgrade their installations at no extra cost.

Things done differently in HelpDesk OSP

  • Customize SharePoint list instead of Settings form
  • SharePoint views instead of Outlook views
  • Searching for tickets is done via the SharePoint search features
  • Only one data store: SharePoint/SQL
  • Closed tickets remain in the SharePoint list but can be filtered out in views or archived
  • Callers list: another SharePoint list
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