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HelpDesk OSP V4 With 64-bit Support

Borgholm, Sweden, 27 July 2013
Many applications only support the 32-bit version of Office, but kalmstrom.com Business Solutions give users a choice. Now their Outlook add-on HelpDesk OSP has been updated to support both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Office 2010 and 2013.

Most users are quite content with the 32-bit versions of Office. However, a few of the current HelpDesk OSP users work with huge recordsets and spreadsheets and need the 64-bit version, so when kalmstrom.com Business Solutions now has released version 4 of their issue tracking tool for Outlook and SharePoint, the 64-bit version is supported.

HelpDesk OSP is used for all kinds of publishing from Outlook to SharePoint. The application can convert e-mails into SharePoint list items, automatically or manually and with all formatting, images and attachments kept. This is useful for support teams but also a good way of getting embedded images into SharePoint lists. To add them directly in the list item is more complicated.

The Blank ticket button in Outlook lets you create an empty SharePoint list item and then it fill out when the list items opens in Outlook. Support teams the blank ticket option when a report comes in by telephone, sms or similar. Caller details can be filled out in Outlook before the list items opens or be picked from the Global Address Book or Outlook Contacts.

With version 4 the kalmstrom.com developers have created a smart HelpDesk OSP . It feels if it is installed in a 64- or 32-bit Office, so even if there are different executable files for the two versions the application can choose the right one. The user does not even have to know what Office version his or her PC has installed.

The fully functional version of HelpDesk OSP can be freely downloaded from the kalmstrom.com website and evaluated for 30 days without any obligations. Refer to kalmstrom.com for more information on HelpDesk OSP. Also feel free to contact Kate Kalmstrom, sales@kalmstrom.com.

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is a Swedish brand for well functioning and documented add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Exchange and SharePoint. Each product adds some functionality to the Microsoft product it builds on, so when software from kalmstrom.com is implemented the users can go on working in an environment they already know.
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