Try HelpDesk OSP  for Outlook and SharePoint

HelpDesk OSP icon Welcome to download and try the full version of HelpDesk OSP for 30 days without any obligations. Then you must register the app if you want to continue using it.

HelpDesk OSP can be used with any Outlook folder, also a public folder or a shared mailbox. Each user must install the application.

The first user/admin decides what SharePoint list(s) should be used and configures how the e-mail parts should be filled out in the ticket. This user needs to have Design or Full control permission over the SharePoint site.

Subsequent users only have to perform the steps 1-7 below. When they connect to the site, the settings made by the first user are loaded from the site.

Instructions for first user installation: (refer to the manual for details and see also the demonstration below.) HelpDesk OSP installation figure
  1. Download the file HelpDeskOSPSetup in .msi or .zip format.(Extract the .zip file.)
  2. Close Outlook if it is open.
  3. Click the .msi file to perform the installation. 
  4. Open Outlook when the installation is finished.>
  5.  Click the new Configure button to open the Settings dialog.
  6. The main Configure screen opens, and you will be prompted to define a SharePoint list.
  7. Log into a SharePoint site.
  8. All the lists of that site will be shown. Select the list you want to use with HelpDesk OSP.
  9. (Open the General Settings dialog and create Example Data in the selected list.)
  10. Press the List Settings button in the main Configure screen to define how the connection between Outlook and SharePoint should work.
  11. (If the e-mails should be automatically converted, select Outlook folder to monitor and check the box for Live Monitoring.)

When the configuration is finished the rest of the HelpDesk OSP buttons will show up in the Outlook ribbon, and you are ready to start working!

For detailed info about installation and settings, refer to the HelpDesk OSP manual.

It might me necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser for the download to work.

Download the .msi-file

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Requirements for HelpDesk OSP:

  • Outlook 2007 or higher
  • A SharePoint site, version 2007 or higher.
    HelpDesk OSP
    helps you get more out of SharePoint and Outlook, but the application does not help you with the general configuring of those programs.
  • .NET Framework 4.0. If you don't have it installed you can download it for free from Microsoft. If a client without .NET Framework 4.0 tries to open the Configure dialogue, a message window gives this download link.


Premium Subscribers may request a register free copy of HelpDesk OSP.

Other users must register HelpDesk OSP after the trial period is over. HelpDesk OSP register button
Insert the key and an e-mail address with the company domain in the License dialog (button in the General Settings dialog) to register. This can be done by the administrator for all users. 

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