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HelpDesk OSP Demonstrations

HelpDesk OSP logotypeWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use HelpDesk OSP.

For more detailed info, refer to the manuals.


1. Presentation

Introduction that shows the basics of HelpDesk OSP.

2. Installation

Learn how to install HelpDesk OSP and make the admin/first user configuration of the connection to SharePoint.

3. HelpDesk OSP Example Data

Learn how to create Example Data for your evaluation of HelpDesk OSP.

4. HelpDesk OSP Auto Conversion

Learn how to set up the HelpDesk OSP automatic e-mail conversion.

5. E-mail Threading

Learn how to set up the HelpDesk OSP E-mail Threading feature and get all e-mails about the same case into the same ticket.

6. List Customization

Learn how to customize the SharePoint list(s) you want to use with HelpDesk OSP.  Also refer to the Tips section.

7. HelpDesk OSP Statistics

HelpDesk OSP lets you generate any Excel report on the ticket data. Choose what list and fields should be included.

8. Convert E-mails To Tasks

Use HelpDesk OSP with Kanban Task Manager to convert e-mails into tasks on a SharePoint kanban board. Also refer to our FAQ.

9. Archive Closed SharePoint List Items

Create a workflow that archives a copy of an item when its status is Closed and removes it from its original list. Note: a better solution is to use a database and customized archiving. SP Archive manages that.

10. SharePoint List RSS feed

Share a HelpDesk OSP list with an RSS feed. This demo shows another kalmstrom.com product, but the principle is the same for all SharePoint lists.

11. Send auto-e-mail to caller

Create a SharePoint workflow that sends an e-mail to the caller when his/her e-mail has been converted into a HelpDesk OSP ticket.