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ITIL - Incident management and Folder HelpDesk

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Incident management processes

Folder HelpDesk action

Incident detection Folder HelpDesk receives an incoming mail / a web form report from Sender.
Incident recording The e-mail / web report is converted into a Folder HelpDesk support ticket.
Classification The appropriate ticket properties are selected or filled out. Responsible person is designed. Proper incident management requires that incidents should be classified as they are recorded. The Folder HelpDesk ticket properties can be adapted to suit every organization.
Initial support Sender receives an e-mail / web page confirmation that the report is received and a ticket created
Investigation and diagnosis Ticket incident description, perhaps with images and links, is read and analyzed. Incidents which cannot be resolved quickly by the help desk staff must be assigned to specialist Technical Support groups. With Folder HelpDesk new responsible persons can be assigned, and the time for each person is recorded separately.
Resolution and recovery If e-mail conversation with Sender is needed it is all entered and  traceable in the ticket. Incident solution is entered in the ticket and sent to Sender.
Incident closure The ticket is closed and saved in database, possibly also in knowledge base.
Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication Tickets are fully searchable in both database and knowledge base. Tickets can also be reopened, converted into Tasks and synchronized with a smartphone or tablet.

Folder HelpDesk complies with requirements for proper incident management:

  • Incident records can be created, changed and deleted
  • Each incident record has a unique ID
  • Time and date will be automatically recorded in the incident record
  • Incident records are separated from problem and change request records
  • Incident records can be classified according to priority and category
  • Incident records contain status information
  • Incident records can be linked to configuration items
  • Incident records can be linked to the caller
  • Incident records can be linked to and routed to support partners
  • Incident records can be associated to problem records
  • Incidents are monitored and tracked against tolerance breach
  • Provides management information about the process
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