Folder HelpDesk: latest revision history and current file versions

Current file versions

Filename Version Last changed
FolderHelpDeskSetup.exe 14.1.32 2016-09-14
Centrally installed files:
FHDCleanSubfolders.exe 2016-09-20
FHDCleanSubfolders.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDCleanSubFolders64.exe 2016-09-20
FHDCleanSubFolders64.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDCleanSubFoldersLoader.dll 2016-09-20
FHDCleanSubFoldersLoader.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDClientToolSetup.msi 2016-09-20
FHDCommonCodes.dll 2016-09-20
FHDCommonCodes.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDDB.sql 2016-09-20
FHDExampleData.exe 2016-09-20
FHDExampleData.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDExampleData64.exe 2016-06-02
FHDExampleData64.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDExampleDataLoader.dll 2016-09-20
FHDExampleDataLoader.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDExcelReport.exe 2016-09-20
FHDExcelReport.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDSettings.exe 2016-09-20
FHDSettings.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDSynch.exe 2016-09-20
FHDSynch.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDSynch64.exe 2016-09-20
FHDSynch64.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDSynchLoader.dll 2016-09-20
FHDSynchLoader.pdb 2016-09-20
FHDTicketForm.htm 2016-09-20
HtmlEditor.dll 1.0.3280.38850 2016-09-20
Interop.SHDocVw.dll 2016-09-20
kalmstrom.dll 2016-09-20
kalmstrom.pdb 2016-09-20
KBaseCommonCodes.dll 2016-09-20
KBaseCommonCodes.pdb 2016-09-20
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll 16.0.6906.1200 2016-09-20
Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll 6.1.7600.16394 2016-09-20
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll 16.0.6906.1200 2016-09-20
ReadMe.txt 2016-09-20
SafeKalmstrom.dll 2016-09-20
Safekalmstrom64.dll 2016-09-20
secman.dll 2016-09-20
secman64.dll 2016-09-20
SecurityManager.2005.dll 8.16.3271.2005 2016-09-20
System.Web.Extensions.dll 3.5.30729.5420 2016-09-20
System.Net.Http.dll 2016-09-20
WYSIWYGEditor.dll 2016-09-20
Newtonsoft.Json.dll 2016-09-20
Newtonsoft.Json.pdb 2016-09-20
Client Tool files:
AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll 9.1.4627.0 2018-06-27
AddinExpress.OL.2005.dll 9.1.4627.0 2018-08-06
adxloader.dll 9.1.4620.0 2018-09-14
adxloader.dll.manifest 2018-06-08
adxloader64.dll 9.1.4620.0 2018-09-14
adxregistrator.exe 9.1.4620.0 2018-06-21
Extensibility.dll 7.0.9466.1 2017-06-23
FHDClientTool.dll 2018-09-14
FHDClientTool.dll.config 2018-06-08
FHDClientTool.pdb 2018-09-14
FHDCommonCodes.dll 2018-09-14
FHDCommonCodes.pdb 2018-09-14
FHDIEEmulation.exe 2018-08-06
FHDIEEmulation.pdb 2018-08-06
Interop.SHDocVw.dll 2017-11-16
kalmstrom.dll 2018-09-05
kalmstrom.pdb 2018-09-05
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll 15.0.4769.1507 2017-06-23
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.xml 2011-01-18
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll 16.0.4321.1000 2016-02-10
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll 16.0.4300.1000 2016-02-10
Office.dll 15.0.4613.1000 2017-06-23
Office.xml 2013-06-14
SafeKalmstrom.dll 2018-02-22
SafeKalmstrom64.dll 2018-02-22
SecurityManager.2005.dll 8.16.3271.2005 8-06-30
System.Web.Extensions.dll 3.5.30729.5420 2017-11-16
Webform files:
Default.aspx.vb 2016-06-02
Default.aspx 2016-06-02
FHDSetCategories.aspx.vb 2016-06-02
FHDSetCategories.aspx 2016-06-02
removeMasterXML.aspx.vb 2016-06-02
removeMasterXML.aspx 2016-06-02
setMonitoringFlag.aspx.vb 2016-06-02
setMonitoringFlag.aspx 2016-06-02
ThankYou.aspx.vb 2016-06-02
ThankYou.aspx 2016-06-02
stylesheet.css 2016-06-02
web.config 2016-06-02

Latest revision history

20 Aug 2016 Version 14.1.32 released

  • A completely new design of the HTML views.
  • A possibility to display the actual e-mail received date, instead of the ticket creation date in the ticket form.
  • New design of the sharing options dialog.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a few random errors.
02 June 2016 Version released

  • Added three more views for open tickets:
    1. Kanban View
    2. Month View
    3. Pie View
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a minor issue in adding/editing FAQ.
  • Fixed a design issue of Folder HelpDesk ticket form on PCs with high resolution.
  • Improved deleting multiple open tickets.
04 March 2016 Version released

Enhancement: Support for Outlook 2016.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to the Folder HelpDesk Outlook view.
  • Minor bug fixes.
16 June 2015 Version released

Bug fixes
  • Fixed plain text formatting issue when add any email to an existing ticket.
  • Fixed minor design issues in the print multiple dialog.
  • Fixed an issue in adding FAQ to the ticket.
  • Handled a few minor errors reported by a single user.
24 Dec Enhancements:
  • Added buttons to convert Outlook appointments and tasks into Folder HelpDesk tickets.
  • Better support for shared mailbox.
  • Responsive design in the Folder HelpDesk ticket form.
  • Improved performance and stability.
  • Better support to run Folder HelpDesk in the Terminal Server environment.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed error in remapping Folder HelpDesk server folder path.
  • Fixed issue with the registration due to missing reference from a system dll, reported by a few users.
  • Fixed issue in deleting several tickets from Outlook with the shared mailbox - It was deleting from Outlook sometimes but not in the database.
  • Fixed Tab index issue in the Folder HelpDesk ticket form.
  • Shortcut button was not working for the first time when no Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder has been mapped, now fixed.
  • Fixed issue in live monitoring with the Outlook shared mailbox - Folder switch was needed every time to start automatic e-mail conversion with the shared mailbox.
  • Days was always appearing in the English language in the Excel statistics report, now fixed.
03 Sep Enhancements:
  • Implemented a possibility to show the search results page wise in the Search Closed Tickets form.
  • Improved performance of the maintenance.
  • Implemented new Excel designs.
  • New icons.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed registration problem reported by a few users.
  • Minor bug fixes.
19 Nov Bug fixes
  • Fixed some minor errors.
  • Fixed creation of unwanted subfolder under the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder.
22 Oct Enhancements:
  • Now it is possible to convert automatic e-mail replies, like "Out of office" or "Delivery failed" messages to the Folder HelpDesk tickets.
  • Now it is possible to include the attachments in the ticket when you convert an Outlook fax.
  • Now it is possible to disable the saving of attachments and sent/received e-mails into the database at ticket closure.
  • Added a loader symbol on closing and re-opening of tickets.
Bug fixes
  • Problem in adding attachments to the ticket when convert such emails which have been sent using Outlook Web App.
30 Aug Enhancements:
  • Now it is possible to convert auto reply emails to a Folder HelpDesk ticket.
  • Improved performance in database operations.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some minor errors reported by single users.
  • The space key did not work in any textbox on the Folder HelpDesk ticket form.
  • Handled error in saving ticket to the database when attachment associated with the ticket has single quotes in its subject.
19 June Two bug fixes:
– Problem in the Excel reports for users with SQL Server 2005 and below.
– Problem in search closed tickets when there were many tickets to search.
14 June Version 13 released

  • Support for the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. Earlier Folder HelpDesk only supported the 32-bit version.
  • Support for the 32- and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2013.
  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Hungarian.
  • A new ticket form – a standard Outlook post item, including all the Outlook editing options. This makes Folder HelpDesk more stable to work with, and using a standard Outlook item is better for future development. It also gives you all the Outlook formatting options right there in the ticket.

  • Possibility to make a call from inside the ticket via Skype or any other desktop calling application that supports the callto tag.
  • A more elaborate Search feature that supports regular expressions and * searches. The results is shown like in Outlook and KBase.
  • Possibility to generate Excel reports on ticket data. Blog post
  • A new settings dialog, to make it possible to rename incident types and categories ??? and also other values: without getting problems with the statistics of old tickets. The old tickets will just take the new category name, and the statistics and search can continue as before.
  • In earlier versions of Folder HelpDesk the settings had a tab for maintenance.

    These functions are now moved outside the settings, so that access  to the settings may be restricted without harming the possibility to use the maintenance.

    Instead a button to reach the maintenance dialog has been added to the Folder HelpDesk toolbar in the Outlook ribbon.

     Folder HelpDesk maintenance

  • In earlier versions of Folder HelpDesk a message about opening the ticket was always shown after manual conversion of an e-mail. Now we have added a checkbox with the option ???remember my choice??? in this dialog. If that box is checked and the user answers Yes to open the ticket after conversion, Folder HelpDesk will remember the choice and not show the message anymore. (It may be changed in the Settings, tab Ticket form settings.)
  • The earlier Folder HelpDesk dialog for search of closed tickets gave three possibilities: to search by, Incident type, Responsible or Free text. To search for ticket ID in the Free text gaveirrelevant hits, so we added a separate field for searching by only ticket ID to make the search quicker and more efficient.
  • Enhancement of the Search closed tickets dialog:
    – possible to expand the dialog more than the default 800x600 pixels. All controls auto-expand to fit and make use of the space.
    – possible to use the tabulator function to move between fields.
    – a message is shown when the search is unsuccessful.
  • Extended attachment setting for outgoing e-mails. Two checkboxes instead of one. One of the checkboxes applies to auto-emails and the other one to answers to callers sent from within the Folder HelpDesk tickets. This way attachments may be included in the e-mails to callers sent from the tickets but excluded from the automatic e-mails.
  • E-mails and attachments will be saved in closed tickets
    In V13 attachments will be saved with the ticket in the database, and when a closed ticket is re-opened.

    When an SQL Server database is used with Folder HelpDesk the e-mails and attachments will be saved directly in the database.

    The Access database has a limited capacity, so organizations who use this database will instead have their closed ticket attachments in a separate subfolder in the Folder HelpDesk server folder, where Folder HelpDesk will fetch them when tickets are re-opened.

    When the option "Save e-mails in subfolders" is selected for E-mail history, all sent and received e-mails will also be saved in the same way as the attachments.
  • Checkbox for automatic removal of subfolders when a ticket is closed This option applies to users who save e-mail history in subfolders.
  • Checkbox for KBase
    In V13 you no longer will need to give the path to the knowledge base in the Folder HelpDesk settings. Instead you only have to check a box if you want to use KBase. Folder HelpDesk will find the KBase folder and place any articles created from closed tickets there.
  • Removal of the dependency on Office Web Components.

  • New registration method. Now registration is done with a key + an e-mail address with the company domain.
  • Net icon New technology
    In Folder HelpDesk V13 we have replaced the old VB6 coding with more modern .NET technologies.
    Users will not notice this directly, but with .NET it will be easier for to maintain and develop Folder HelpDesk in the future.
Bug fixes:
  • In certain cases the automatic conversion of e-mails did not work poperly.
  • Problem with inline images and attachments solved.
  • Sometime an error occurred when  editing iexisting ticket.
  • FolderHelpDesk.exe continued to run in the task manager even after Outlook was closed.
21 November A few bug fixes and enhancements:
  • The first closed date of the ticket will be tracked instead of the latest closure. This means that Hours open will be calculated between creation and first closed time. Later reopeings of the ticket will neither affect the Hours Open value nor update the database and reports.
  • Email type or .msg type attachments are now added to the ticket just like other e-mail attachments.
  • A bug in the search feature made it check only the first 255 characters of the ticket body. Now the whole ticket body will be searched.
  • Inline images in RTF emails on non English operating systems were showing as an attachment to the ticket when the email was converted into a ticket. Now they will be shown just like in the e-mail.
  • After installation of the client tool setup, Folder HelpDesk is now available for all users on the same pc, even if they have different log in details.
4 June Update because the Client Tool MSI setup was showing the wrong .NET frame work download URL
31 May 2012 Version 12 released. New name: Folder HelpDesk

  • New design of the default ticket HTML body
  • Full support for RTF type emails. Now inline images of RTF type emails are shown in the ticket also.
  • Option to only show current Caller tickets when adding an e-mail to a ticket manually.
  • Custom general subject in Manual e-mail to caller template.
  • Custom general subject in FAQ answers
  • Notification to Responsible also on manual addition of e-mail to ticket.
  • Use of .NET technology in the client tool
  • Folder HelpDesk web tickets pages are now .NET pages, but we also support ASP for current Community Members.
  • Folder HelpDesk deletes the ticket subfolder at time of Ticket Close or Ticket Delete (applies to e-mail history in subfolders).
  • Created date added in OLAP Reporting Tool, so now users can view reports for ticket created date also.
  • Improved design of the default HTML templates.
  • HTML editor for HTML templates added.
  • A "To" field has been added in Sent Emails and Received emails tabs in the ticket dialog
  • Right clicks in the Sent and Received tab of the ticket dialog now also give the options Open and Delete.
  • When a user selects Copy by right clicking the Sent and Received tab of the ticket dialog there is an option to select destination folder.
  • When users convert emails manually with Folder HelpDesk the ticket created date will be the email received date.
  • The Example data tickets also have the new tickets style in the HTML body
  • The ticket info HTML tag was removed in emails to responsible and in notification emails.
  • When a ticket is created manually, and the creator selects to open the ticket, Folder HelpDesk opens it in the same Outlook Explorer. Earlier the ticket was opened in a new instance of Outlook, but several users did not like that and asked for a change.
  • Attachments and inline images are now included in automatic email to caller when ticket is created.
Bug fixes:
  • Hyperlink in the Folder HelpDesk ticket dialog body will work now.
  • Fixed formatting issue in the ticket body, sometimes a line break was removed or added.
  • When a user opened a ticket that were closed before custom fields were added there was an error message.
  • Inline images was not showing in some cases.
  • The view is not longer refreshed at each folder switch or Outlook restart.
  • If the option ???Save emails in ticket body??? was checked and a user created a new ticket and saved it and opened it again multiple times, multiple entries were shown for each Save button click. Now the correct info is given.
  • When an image was added to a ticket manually sometimes it was not added to ticket after ticket reopen. This was coming in Outlook 2007 and below.
  • The automatic resizing of the HTML part of the ticket is now working fine even if the user has added multiple custom fields.
  • If PFHelpDesk.exe was closed in the FolderHelpDesk Outlook folder due to an error and the user switched folder and came back again to the FolderHelpDesk Outlook folder, there were two toolbars at the right hand side for Outlook 2007 and below
  • If a ticket was open more than one day the value for Hrs open was not showing correctly in OLAP Reporting Tool
  • When a user sorted by any field in the Outlook view, FolderHelpDesk grouped by that field and lost its original group by value. Now the Folder HelpDesk view stays even if users sort by an Outlook view within the Folder HelpDesk view.
  • When a user printed a ticket a blank email item without subject was created in the "Draft" folder. That item is still created, but it is deleted automatically right after the printing.
22 July 2011 Version 11.3, compatible with Office 365.

  • FolderHelpDesk now works without a home page.
  • Option to include attachments in outgoing caller e-mails added.
  • To avoid conflict messages, if ticket is already open by one user for others it will open in read only mode.
  • To avoid overwriting settings by mistake, the FolderHelpDesk Example Data will not create example tickets if Settings are already present.
  • GUI is removed from FolderHelpDesk Example Data, so now OWC is not necessary for installation of Example Data.
Bug fixes:
  • Run time error when printing multiple tickets.
  •  Now attachments are visible when user send manual e-mails
  • Live monitoring was not working on all client Outlook 2010, because there was a path different for Public folder in Outlook 2010. Now it will work on all client Outlooks even on a mix of 2010, 2007 and 2003.
  • E-mail folder live monitoring was not working when users selected more than one e-mail folder for live monitoring.
  • When the option save e-mail history in ticket body was saved, it was displaying the header in English only.
9 June 2011 Update of v.11.2
  • Removed newly added stored procedure support in SQL Server database due to stored procedure permission issue. It was not coming automatically but the admin needed go give permission on each stored procedure. This did not work well, so we will make this automatic in a later version. For now this support for stored procedure was withdrawn.
  • Due to new a Office 2010 update PF HeloDesk was giving a security warning when a user went into the Outlook FolderHelpDesk folder or run FolderHelpDesk Settings. This is fixed.
  • The Client tool upgrade was not working well for some users. This is also fixed.
  • SQL Azure add custom fields in database gave error by FolderHelpDesk Settings saving, fixed now.
30 May 2011 Version 11.2 released:

New features and enhancements:
  • Support for a new, cloud based database, Microsoft SQL Azure.
  • PFHelpDesk now fully supports Russian.
  • Addition of ticket ID and Status in the statistics. application, OLAP Reporting Tool.
  • New FolderHelpDesk icons for ???Create ticket??? and PFHelpDes.exe
  • If scripting is not enabled in public or shared folder and a user tries to install FolderHelpDesk, the setup gives a message about allowing script with a link to a faq on how to enable scripting.
  • In the new installation the setup will check if OWC is installed or not. If not installed the installer gives a message and a link to install.
  • If the setup does not find the client tool or there is update in the client tool, the installer will install/update the client tool in silent mode.
  • Dependency of Windows common control is removed from the FolderHelpDesk setup.
  • FolderHelpDesk now supports Unicode network, Outlook path and name.
  • Now FolderHelpDesk works well with IMAP email account for live monitoring.
  • The FolderHelpDesk ticket dialog will no longer ask to save changes if nothing is changed to the ticket.
  • FolderHelpDesk will now ask to create a few tickets instead of giving an error in the Statistics if there are no tickets present in the database.
Bug fixes:
  • In Outlook 2010 users were not able to create tickets from appointments and tasks. Now the toolbar button is added in Calendar and Task view.
  • FolderHelpDesk setup upgrade and repair did not fix missing custom user properties of the FolderHelpDesk Outlook folder and Outlook view
  • When users opened a new instance of Outlook the FolderHelpDesk Outlook toolbar did not work in the first Outlook instance.
  • Sometimes users saw Outlook post item instead of the ticket form due to slow database connection and loading.
  •  If user switched quickly from the FolderHelpDesk Outlook folder to any other folder, then PFHHelpDesk.exe asked to select PFHelpDesk Outlook folder.
  • In the FolderHelpDesk Settings Caller tab when a user clicked on a Responsible cell the dialog was not showing the present value but the first value.
  • If a user selected an email and then selected attach email to a ticket and then selected ticket id and pressed close(x) of the form FolderHelpDesk gave an error
  • When a user selected an email and clicked on create ticket and then clicked cancel or closed the dialog, PFHelpDesk.exe kept running in the background and after that might create trouble in Outlook shot down or when user selected the FolderHelpDesk Outlook folder.
  • In case of FolderHelpDesk Client tool upgrade, FolderHelpDesk gave a message to install the client tools instead of prompting to upgrade them.
28 January 2011 Problems fixed:
  • Running Maintenance utility from PFHelpDesk Settings > Advance>Maintenance > ???Fix those tickets that were closed from Outlook but appear open in database.??? set closed flag for all tickets in database - now only manually deleted  from Outlook tickets are marked as closed in database
  • Empty tickets creating in database is fixed now
  • The item has been moved or deleted. #-2147221238 Sub routine : IsTicketEmail Fixed error, error was due slow outlook reaction
4 November FolderHelpDesk V12.1 released.

  • A checkbox "Don't do auto-conversion from this account" is added in the FolderHelpDesk Settings, Email Folders tab. If you check this option, live monitoring will not work from this PC. It will still work from other PCs.
  • Attachments may be added by drag and drop.
  • A default file name (the name of the attachment) will be given when the attachment Save As function is used.
  • Possibility to Print screen and paste it into the FolderHelpDesk ticket body. Ctrl + V does not work yet, but you can either press the Paste button in the HTML editor toolbar or right click and select the Paste option from the context menu.
  • The Open Ticket button is hidden if it cannot be used. If a ticket ID is present in the e-mail subject, the Open ticket button will be visible in the toolbar. If there is no ID in the e-mail subject, the button will be hidden.
    The Open Ticket button now also works for caller e-mails.
  • Ticket attachments will be added into outgoing e-mails (i.e. Forward, automatic response, manual emails). Due to a limitation in Redemption they are not displayed in the e-mail preview, though.
  • It is now impossible to drag and drop files into the ticket HTML part. (Earlier users could drag and drop files over the ticket HTML part and after that the web browser redirect to the dragged file.)
  • When an e-mail with an inline image was converted, or when an image was added to the in ticket body from the HTML editor, the image was visible only to the user who created the ticket or added the image. Now those images will be visible to all FolderHelpDesk staff.
  • The manual add email to ticket feature has been changed, and no subfolder will be created. Earlier it was not always working well.
  • At creation of new ticket or opening of existing ticket, sometimes the ticket opened in the back ground and not in focus. Fixed now.
  • The Swedish Responsible views were not correct, as they were grouped by Time instead of Responsible. Fixed now.
  • For online ticket creation, if the date format was different on the web server and the FolderHelpDesk PC, sometimes FolderHelpDesk showed wrong created date (change month into day and day into month). Fixed now.
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