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Borgholm 3 June 2016 Business Solutions has launched version 14 of its add-on for issue tracking inside Outlook. In Folder HelpDesk V14 the developers have added a kanban board for the tickets, and they can also be viewed in a Month view and a Pie view.

Outlook ticket list
Folder HelpDesk can be highly customized, but the base is the ticket list in Outlook. When you install Folder HelpDeskin a shared mailbox or public folder, a team can cooperate on the tickets, which are created directly by team members, converted from e-mails or fetched from a web form.

View tickets in various ways
The Folder HelpDesk tickets can be sorted in various ways and different views can be applied, and you may also use the Outlook Reading Pane and preview the tickets.  Users can group the tickets by one of the ticket parameters, for example Caller, Responsible or Status, and have colorful overviews in the new V14 kanban, month or pie chart views.

In the kanban view, the tickets are displayed as color coded cards on a kanban board, where each status value is visualized as a phase. The tickets can be dragged and dropped from one phase to another, and the status value will be changed automatically. If you have added a custom field to the ticket form, the tickets can be grouped in lanes by this custom parameter.

The Month view can be displayed as a timeline or as a calendar. The image above shows the timeline. Both the timeline and the calendar show the tickets as time slots from start to due date, and the slots are color coded by either incident type or responsible.


In the Pie view, each incident type is represented by a pie chart, and each slice shows a status value. The size of the slice depends on how many tickets have this incident type and status.

Knowledge base
Before you close a Folder HelpDesk ticket you can save the solution as a knowledge base article, for future reference. The knowledge base application is the Outlook add-on KBase, which is included in the Folder HelpDesk subscription on the Medium and Premium levels.

All ticket data can be studied in the integrated Excel reports. Sixteen reports are included in Folder HelpDesk, and you may also reate custom reports on the same data.

The fully functional version of Folder HelpDesk  may be downloaded from the website and evaluated for 30 days. Refer to for more information on Folder HelpDesk. Also feel free to contact Kate Kalmström at

Company Business Solutions is the brand for software from the Swedish company Kalmstrom Enterprises AB. Business Solutions offers add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. They are all easy to install and utilize and have extensive documentation.

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