The Folder HelpDesk Manual

Folder HelpDesk logo You are welcome to download the Folder HelpDesk Manual in PDF or DOCX format.

We recommend the PDF file, but if you want to edit the file you must use the Word option.

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You may print this manual or parts of it for use within your organization. You may also change or add text and images to adapt the manual to your needs.

The manual is updated every time a new feature is added to Folder HelpDesk and also at other times if users point out that things need to be clarified.

These are the main sections in the Folder HelpDesk manual:
1  Introduction
2  Requirements
3  The Folder HelpDesk ticket
4  Support staff workflow
5  Work with tickets
6  Install Folder HelpDesk
7  Settings
8  KBase
9  Upgrade or Repair Folder HelpDesk
10  Excel reports
11  Web form
12  Folder HelpDesk options
13  Customize forms
14 The Community
15  Registration
16  Remove Folder HelpDesk
17 Contact
18  Architecture

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