Folder HelpDesk and ITIL

Choose the right support handling tool
to facilitate ITIL management procedures

FolderHelpDesk iconThe Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL??) is a framework of approaches that help organizations to structure, control and plan work in a way that ensures the delivery of high quality IT-services. The library consists of a series of books, each of which covers a core area within IT management. ITIL contains the gathered experience from business all over the world under several years.

The support handling application Folder HelpDesk from Business Solutions can help organizations to reach the high level of IT-management they aim for. Folder HelpDesk is a powerful application for both incident and problem management.

Incident management The principal purpose of incident management is to quickly restore the service with smallest possible business impact. An organization???s service desk is the place that both customers and users within the company turn to when they have difficulties, queries or suggestions, need communication or updates or want to ask for changes.

To all business the customers and users are the key to success, and it is essential that staff working directly with them have access to the appropriate tools to support the business functions. The right support handling tool help service staff to answer questions and solve problems as rapidly as possible with minimal disruption to users. Folder HelpDesk is such a tool.   Read more!

Problem management The principal purpose of problem management is to find and resolve the root cause of a problem and to document it. The problem management must also prevent errors by identifying and resolving problems before the incidents occur.

Also in this case Folder HelpDesk is of great help. This support handling application does not only supply a simple, well-known and user friendly interface for the helpdesk staff, it also has integrated following up functions:

Excel reports KBase logotype facilitates analyzes and business intelligence, and the knowledgebase KBase supplies a fully searchable knowledgebase right inside Outlook.    Read more!

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